How To Increase Sales Making One Small Tweak To Your Marketing Message

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: February 3, 2020

Would you like more customers and more sales for your business? Of course you would! As part of training and research I’m doing in order to achieve the same results for my upcoming venture as fully self employed, I came across something just beautiful.

They same the most simplest or smallest of things can have the biggest impact — and boy, what I stumbled upon has the potential to be massive for me — and massive for you!

I’m always surprised to learn that a newer way of doing things can generate better results — surely the way that people have been doing business and marketing their businesses for decades is the best way?

But of course, change is inevitable. People change, their needs and interests change. As covered recently in a previous post, businesses need to re-position themselves from being the Hero of the customer, to being the Side of the customer who is in fact the Hero. That is because people have changed.

And the same absolutely applies with what I’m going to talk about next. Before I talk about exactly what this new thing is that we all need to tweak in our Marketing, let’s briefly look at what we’re doing now.

Our marketing messages today

Through varying marketing methods, whether it’s adverts, websites, blogs, social media, direct mail, emails, webinars and events — we’ve all been giving the same message. The message goes something like this:

We will do this for you, and this, as well as this — and you will get that and that.

That may seem a bit confusing, so let’s put it in the context of my own business. Until what I learnt very recently, my marketing messages have been similar to:

I will write, build and set up Facebook ads for you, and run these to your perfect target audience over a set period of time — over this time I will optimise the ads, minimising costs and maximising output. This output could be more leads, more views, more visitors and more sales.

There’s two parts to this marketing message;

Part 1 is what I will do. I will create Facebook ads and run campaigns, optimising as I go.

Part 2 is the results I will get the client. More leads, views, visitors, sales.

But part 2 can be split further;

Part 2.1 — I will get the client more leads, views & visitors.

Part 2.2 — I will get the client more sales.

This has been how businesses have been marketing themselves for years and years. First, talking about what the business will do. Then, talking about the ultimate results for the client.

What I’m proposing however is a tweak in this message — the content can stay the same, but it’s the order that needs changing. This is a process called Afters.


Afters is brilliantly named for what this tweak in marketing messages actually is. You see, it focuses on the afters for a client. What do they get after you’ve done work for them?

There’s a huge difference between the work carried out, and the ultimate results. Just like the 2 parts — part 1, work carried out. Part 2, results.

The need to focus more on these Afters has come from a shift in people — in an increasingly competitive world, people have become more interested about them. Gone are the days where prospects cared about the history of a business, and all that other typical marketing rubbish. They care about themselves, and what’s in it for them.

It makes sense therefore that marketing messages need to be tweaked to prioritise what is in it for the client — what do they get, what results do they get. People are not interested so much in the hows or the whys.

So if the tweak we’re making to the marketing message is putting more focus on the afters, what would that look like? Let’s use my own message again as an example.

As a reminder, my message not using the Afters tweak is:

I will write, build and set up Facebook ads for you, and run these to your perfect target audience over a set period of time — over this time I will optimise the ads, minimising costs and maximising output. This output could be more leads, more views, more visitors and more sales.

My message with the Afters tweak implemented would look like:

I’ll get you more profitable customers by providing you with leads and more views/visitors to your website. To achieve this I will create and run optimised Facebook Ads to your ideal target audience.

See how this message is different? Talking about the Afters first — which is more profitable customers. Then I talk about how to achieve this — getting leads and more views. Then finally, how I will get those leads and views which will in turn get more customers. In this case, Facebook ads.

By positioning my message this way, prospects will be able to instantly see what’s in it for them if they work with me — they don’t have to go through lots of waffle to find out the Afters. It’s the Afters that will determine if a prospect wants to work with you or not, so clarifying them early on is critical.

It’s a simple, small tweak — and it’s quite frankly genius! It can be a game changer for any business, of any size, industry or niche.

Focus on the Afters first, and start getting more customers, faster.

If you’d like to learn more about Afters, I’d recommend checking out The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds. This is where I learnt this amazing tweak that I’ve been able to share with you today.

A Gift For You

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