5 Giveaways To Use In Your Marketing

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: September 29, 2020

We all love a good freebie, they make us feel happy and appreciated by the giver. Now we marketeers all know that businesses that give away things for free aren't really doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

There are two primary reasons that businesses do it:

1- Build trust, establish brand loyalty — to make it easier to sell to people later

2- To gain email addresses and other data — again to sell to those people later

BUT, before we dig in there is one thing you have to note. Your giveaways can’t be of poor quality. They need to deliver great information and amazing value, otherwise they’ll have a the opposite effect you’re intending.

And yes, creating these freebies may cost a bit — but the long term results are well worth it.

Lets dive in to the 5 giveaways to use in your marketing:


First up, videos are a great thing to give away. Short, snappy 2–7 min long videos are a great way of giving away lots of information in an easy to follow format.


For those who prefer reading to watching videos, eBooks are great to give away and don’t have to be as long as War & Peace either. An average eBook packed full of value needs to only be 7–12k words long.


Guides are similar to eBooks but will focus more specifically on one particular thing and will usually be shorter. But if the guide delivers specific, easy to follow instructions that lead to good results for the reader then that’s all that matters.

Printable Checklists

Similar to eBooks and guides, checklists are also great for aiding somebody in their goal to doing a particular thing. And you can make it even more useful by allowing it to be printed, so the user doesn’t need a device with them to make use of it.


Lastly, document templates or frameworks can be a great way of giving value. The template can be of anything — for writing a video script, for writing a book, a guide, a checklist — even for spreadsheets and calculations. And the chances are you’ve already created a few templates by creating the other forms of freebies.

The beauty with all of these is you only have to make or write them once, and you can keep giving them away as long as they remain relevant and valuable. PLUS, a lot of the content you use in videos for example, can be used in your eBooks — and visa versa.

A great example of this is what I do myself — some of my posts here are based off tiny parts of some of my own giveaways.

Just remember though that above all, your giveaway gives lots of value. Yes this means spending time and money to create it, with no guaranteed return in the short term — but the long term impact of the giveaways will pay you back ten thousand fold for your initial time and investment.

A Gift For You

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