When Is The Best Time To Publish Content?

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: April 20, 2020

You’ve put together some amazing content. Maybe it’s a blog. Perhaps an email. A post for social media. Even a video. Whatever it is, you’ve made sure it’s packed with value for your audience. But how can you ensure the maximum number of them are able to access the content?

This is a critical stage of the process of value marketing. You’ve put lots of time & effort into creating valuable content, now you need to make sure as many people view it as possible.

So the question remains, just exactly when is the best time to publish content?

Well, obviously at a time that your audience is awake is a good start. But if your audience is worldwide, this will be tricky. Segmented emails could be scheduled at local times. But social media, blogs and Youtube videos can’t be published like that.

So what is the best time to publish? The answer may surprise you…

Find Out

Go and find out what the best time to publish is! Seriously.

I’m not going to pretend that there is a perfect time of day to publish content, because the fact is there isn’t! It varies depending on each business, each industry, each audience and each offer.

A time that might work perfectly for another business in your industry is far from guaranteed to work for you.

So how to do you find out what time is best?

Well, you could ask your audience… but how do you know what time is best to ask them? So no, not an option.

Instead you need to do the one thing that is essential to the success of all marketing. It’s a four letter word, starting with T.


The best way to find out what time is best to publish is to publish content at different times — testing them.

Then you can measure how much interaction it gets. For emails, you want to measure open rates. Social media posts and videos, measure views and interaction such as comments, likes & shares.

Testing without the measurement is a waste of time, so ensure you measure rigorously and consistently.

Test up to 5 different times and see which does best, and then continue to optimize.

There’s a lot of other factors that come into play however.

The actual day is integral to what time of day works best too — so test times on different days too. For example on weekends, people will typically be up later and so on. Or will they?

Because that leads to the other key factor — your audience. When picking times to test, consider your audience and their life. When are they most likely to check their personal emails? When are they most likely to be on social media? Before work? After work? And so on.

Use this to narrow your testing options, and then go and test test test.

Testing, Measuring & Optimizing is an essential process to the success of all Marketing. The fact is, it’s not enough to do what even the best companies do. You have to test your own marketing, find out what works for YOUR audience and go ahead and do it!

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