5 Reasons You're Not Getting The Results You Want From Your PPC Adverts

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: August 12, 2019

What started out as a new advertising function with Google, Pay Per Click ads have expanded massively over the years and now include Facebook/Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and more. The concept is very simple, you run ads on one or more of these platforms, but you only pay when somebody links on your advert — usually directing them to a landing page or your website.

As somebody who helps small businesses get more leads and sales, I’m often approached by people screaming out for help with their PPC ads. They have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on ads — but their results are awful. There are easily dozens of different reasons why this may be the case, but more than often or not the reason comes down to just 1 of 5.

By understanding the 5 reasons, and most importantly taking action on them, will allow 99% of businesses to profit from PPC ads. Let’s dive in and take a look at these 5 reasons:

1. Measurement

No1 is measurement, or rather a failure to measure. People are running different ads to different audiences, but they’re not measuring the performance of each. Failing to do this means they’re not able to learn what works (and most importantly, what doesn’t) and take action to optimise their ads. Realistically, 99/100 of the first ads a business runs will fail. The key is measuring the results, learning new things and optimising and eventually profiting.

2. Story Telling

When you think about it, PPC ads and landing pages tell a story. And the story goes between platforms — from the ads to the landing page/website. An ad can have a great story, and get 100s of clicks — but people drop off on the landing page/website because the story doesn’t follow on — it doesn’t relate, there is no consistency. In essence and in simple terms, it’s like running an ad that targets employed people and then taking them to a landing page that offers help to those who are unemployed. There needs to be clear consistency between platforms.

3. Bullseye

One of the many great things about PPC ads especially on platforms like Facebook, is being able to precisely target the right audience. There is no point paying to run ads and get clicks from the wrong audience. Precise, accurate targeting needs to be carried out, otherwise a business is paying to promote their services to people who would never be interested. You wouldn’t promote a product that can only be delivered in New York to the rest of the US. And you wouldn’t promote a wedding dress to somebody already married. Apply logic, really dig deep into what makes the perfect target audience — and target their demographics.

4. Offers

A theme that is clear throughout these 5 different reasons is consistently — whether that’s consistency with the message and story, or consistency in targeting. Consistency also applies to the offer made on the ads and landing page. Even with following 1–3, a business can still get awful results from their ads if they fail to have a matching offer. The offer has to be of true interest and value to the people being targeted. If in any doubt, research and find out what people want before trying to shove it down their throats. Don’t try to make your audience fit your offer, make your offer fit your audience!

5. Appeal

Last but not least, there is a simple matter of making both the ads and the landing page look good. It doesn’t have to be professionally designed to the highest standards, but it also can’t be awful. If creativity doesn’t come naturally to you, find a designer online who can deliver decent quality without breaking the bank. Whilst I specialise in many marketing activities, my creativity has serious limits. It’s important to know your limits and invest in help when you reach those limits.

Those are the 5 reasons you’re not getting the result you want from your PPC ads. By understanding all 5 and taking action on them, you’ll start to get far superior results from your ads — both in terms of number of clicks, as well as a decrease in cost per click too.

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