5 Reasons Your Startup Needs A Sales Funnel

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: June 26, 2020

Sales Funnels, the new Website. The chances are you’ve been inside plenty, maybe without realising.

So you’re starting a business or have started one recently. Congrats by the way! A website will surely be on your to do list, if it’s not already created and live. I’m here to tell you that you also need sales funnels on that list and created ASAP.

Here’s 5 reasons you not only need one, but need to start building a sales funnel as soon as you’ve finished reading 🙂

1. Branding & History

What are 2 things as a startup you don’t have? Branding & a History. You’re just establishing a brand, it will take months and even years for it to start being recognised. You have very little history too. So overall, you’re next to completely unknown.

So what has this got to do with sales funnels? Well, because of how sales funnels work (compared to a website), you don’t need an established brand and company history for it to perform well — getting you leads, prospects and customers.

2. Proven

Following similar to branding & history — testimonials, success stories, reviews and so on will also be lacking. Understandable as this is just due to the stage you’re at.

Whilst testimonials work wonders for selling any product, service or business — if you don’t have them, you don’t have them. Don’t try to make them up, and instead run without any. Sales funnels have a high conversation rate, so using them compared to any other platform makes up for no provability.

3. Products/Services

A common theme with many startups is the range of products & services on offer. More often than not, a startup with have only a small selection, at different price ranges but all helping the same audience and fixing the same problems.

This makes them ideal for a sales funnel, and not a larger platform with large numbers of different products and services, each doing a different job and fixing a different problem.

4. Lists

Despite their name, sales funnels are good for more than just direct selling. They’re great for offering a lead magnet — a free guide, ebook etc to capture and build an email list. With an email list, any startup can start emailing promotions and making sales on the back.

5. Conversion

Lastly, and this is by far the most obvious. Sales funnels work. They convert very highly compared to any other platform or marketing tool. Now of course, any business needs to sell their products or services, but startups need to do this more than anything.

Startups have a limit marketing budget, and failing to sell in the first weeks/months can lead to it’s demise. So instead of risking and trying other marketing (that can come later), a startup should focus on selling via funnels in it’s firsts weeks and months.

I hope this has been helpful — if you have a startup and haven’t at least one sales funnel in play — start right now!

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