The 5 Steps To Creating An Amazing Lead Magnet

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: November 18, 2019

Lead magnets are a great way of building up a solid list of prospects you can market to later, as well as creating warm leads who by having something from you for free are that bit more susceptible to you.

They are very popular these days and with good reasons — but often the reasons why cloud over and impact the results. You see, by focusing more on building a big list and getting leads, the content of the guide is neglected and quality is put to one side in preference of quantity.

By taking this approach you’re wasting your time & money putting a lead magnet together and advertising it. If you want to really create a great and effective lead magnet, there are 5 steps you need to take.

Step 1: The Title

The title has to not only be appealing, it has to target the right kind of people. By having the wrong title, you’ll end up with the wrong kind of leads that you can’t sell to.

Your title has to scream out to your target audience and say “YOU NEED ME!”.

For example, one of my own lead magnets is designed to capture leads of entrepreneurs who struggle with Facebook Ads.

My lead magnet for them is called “9 Key Components You Need To Master To Get Results From Your Facebook Ads”.

It’s screaming out at those who already use Ads, but are struggling and want to understand them better to get better results.

Another example for one I’ve written for an Escape Rooms marketing company is called “5 ways to get more customers for your escape rooms”.

Surprise surprise, those who download it want more customers but don’t know how to get them!

Step 2: Layout

How the lead magnet is laid out is critical — if it’s messy, difficult to follow and confusing people will be turned off early on and not read it. And it’s critical as many people digest it as possible. Sure they’re still a lead right now, but the more they read the more they should like you — which pays dividends later on.

Step 3: Value

With a good layout you ensure more people read it — but without good, quality content for them to actually read the less warm leads will be — and the less people will like you. Obviously this makes the whole process a waste of time.

So make sure you pack your lead magnet with as much valuable and informative content as possible. Don’t hold back. It will pay you back a thousand fold in interested and warm prospects that you’ll be able to turn into paying clients that bit easier.

Step 4: Problems

Another critical part of any lead magnet is establishing and confirming the readers problems. The fact they’ve downloaded your lead magnet, whether it’s a guide/checklist/eBook etc — they’re doing so because they have a problem they want fixing.

You need to freely acknowledge the problem (s) and affirm it — they’re right to consider this a problem, and they definitely need your help with it.

Problems can be established early on in the lead magnet, as well as the end. Leaving it at the end lines you up nicely for Step 5.

Step 5: Offer Solutions

With problems identified, at the end of your lead magnet you want to offer a solution. Sure, the valuable content inside should definitely help them — just not entirely. They’ll always be people who needs more help, whether it’s courses, mentorship, or hands-free solutions.

So reaffirm the problem(s) at the very end, and offer them a solution: working with you. Make it easy for them to see where they can go next — a link, an email, a phone number.

Sure, not everybody will take this action — but by having it there you’ll find some who will. And those that don’t can be contacted and picked up at a later date, and transformed from prospect into paying customer.

If you follow these 5 steps, you’ll have a lead magnet that is perfect for what you want to achieve. Don’t rush into it and put together something cheap and unhelpful just to get a quick list. As with anything, if you put the time, effort and love into it — it will give you much more in return in the future.

A Gift For You

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