Stop Selling Your Business, Sell Moments Of Truth

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: March 2, 2020

Moments of truth can be an absolutely game changer for a business that understands and uses them.

Moments of truth, are when a prospect suddenly realises they need to take a certain action — that action will ultimately be to purchase a product or service off of your business.

The more a business can do to create a moment of truth, the more likely a business will be able to transform any prospect into a paying customer.

So how can a business create moments of truth?

Innovative idea in businessman hand concept design.

They need to put themselves in the places of their target audience. They need to understand them like the back of their hands. They must know them inside out. And not just their demographics like age, income, family, relationships etc.

Oh no, it needs to go much, much deeper than that.

A business needs to understand what drives their audience, what they want in life, what they want to achieve, what they literally live for. What makes them keep going when times are hard.

It’s common knowledge that any decision to buy is made largely on an emotional level. The emotions that the purchase will create or remove.

For example, buying a bar of chocolate may evoke a happier feeling, removing any sadness the buyer was experiencing.

Understanding the role emotions play in any persons decision to purchase, and you’ll be well on your way to getting moments of truth in play.

You need to identify exactly what emotions your products/services evoke and any that are dissolved.

Then connect that with your deeper understanding of your audience. For example;

You know your audience wants to achieve financial freedom. Why? Because it will create a safe and secure financial future for their family. This creates so many positive emotions, and removes negatives ones like worrying about money and their children's future etc.

The last piece of the puzzle is transforming that understanding into a unilateral message — a moment of truth.

Say, for example, your business specialises in training people to invest in real estate. Property is arguably the safest and most reliable investment one can make. And if done right, will put the investor well on their way to financial freedom.

The target audience therefore are people who want that financial freedom and the emotions that come with it. Long lasting joy and happiness in the face of possible rainy days.

So with all of that understanding, your business should then market a moment of truth like;

‘Creating financial freedom for you & your family, for life, doesn’t have to be just a dream — learn to invest in real estate, and you can have financial freedom in place within 5 years’

The moment of truth is when somebody realises the key to unlocking their dream (financial freedom) is investing in real estate — and who best to help them learn how to, why — it’s the business that helped evoke that moment of truth!

Moments of truth work for any business, in any industry, and in literally any niche. Get to grips with your target audience, understand there emotions, and create messages that give them a moment of truth — and they’ll buy from you!

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