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We’ll fill your lists, events, webinars and challenges with thousands of high-quality cost-effective leads with FB Ads
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We’ll get you:

Large numbers of leads
Hundreds, thousands, as many as you need for a specific campaign, launch, event/webinar/challenge
High-quality leads
Your ideal target audience, those most likely to benefit from your message and most likely to buy from you 
Cost-effective leads 
At the lowest cost-per-lead possible to maximise your return on ad spend and return on investment in general

Some of our amazing clients

Suzy Ashworth
Elite Closing Academy
Suzy Ashworth
Super Genius
Suzy Ashworth
Elite Closing Academy

Why choose Impactful Marketing?

If you already run FB Ads for your business but struggle to obtain large numbers of high-quality cost-effective leads, then we can help. 

If you don’t already run FB Ads but you know you need more high-quality cost-effective leads in order to grow your business and increase your impact on the world then we can help. 

We get it, it’s difficult to generate leads like this consistently. It’s taken us years to master the art and we can achieve this for any number of campaigns and launches. Skies are the limits!

And best of all – we do it all hands-free with our completely done-for-you service.
Since working with Dan and his team we’ve generated many hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales as a direct result of the ads they’ve ran for us filling our challenges, webinars and well known Expert Empire events.
Nick James, Expert Empires
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Our free guides will help you to get more leads
for less FB Ad spend

Filling events, webinars and challenges is no easy task

For starters, you have to take into account the quantity of leads you’re looking to get. Whether it’s 10, 100, or 1,000, the more you acquire the harder and more expensive it will be to get the next. This is just the reality of the world… there’s only so many fish in the sea!

Then you need to take into account quality. 10 high-quality leads are worth more to you than 100 low-quality leads. But this also makes them harder and more expensive to find and acquire.   

And last but not least, the cost. Being able to keep your cost per lead low when trying to get large numbers of high-quality leads is a challenge. And yet, the return and profit on your campaign, launch etc. depend on it.

And to achieve this utilizing the ever-evolving FB Ads platform, without spending a lot of money on mistakes and a lot of time creating and managing the ads, is a no mean feat.

This is where we come in. We run FB Ads 365 days a year.

Want thousands of high-quality cost-effective leads for your business?

We offer Done For You and One Off Campaign FB Ads services designed to create you as many high-quality cost-effective leads for your business as you need.
How we can help

Start filling your lists, events, webinars and challenges

With large numbers of high-quality cost-effective leads, so you can have a greater impact on the world 
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