Unique Selling Points Are No Longer Unique

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 20, 2019

Unique Selling Points (USP’s) have long been seen as being an essential part of any new businesses framework, with the USP’s dictating marketing and sales messages.

The premise is around — well, identifying unique selling points of the business. Points that are so unique, no other competitor can offer them. Therefore the business stands alone in the quality & service it provides.

I strongly believe however that the entire concept of USP’s is outdated, and is not something any new business should spend any time in identifying.

Why? Because I don’t believe any business can truly be unique any more.

USP’s were always unique when compared to local competitors — depending on the audiences geographical location. For example if a new Realtor was founded in a city, their USP’s had to only be unique when compared to other Realtors in that city. This was easier to do.

However in the 21st-century, modern technology has enabled businesses to literally be worldwide. Sure, many don’t actually target and serve the majority of the world.

BUT, people have easy access to the entire worlds businesses via the internet. It’s therefore easy to see what other businesses have to offer, and their USP’s.

That has made it harder, and dare I say impossible, for any new business to legitimately identify USP’s of their own. There will always be another business somewhere that can offer more than them. Always.

Sure, new niches and industries pop up all the time — and startups in those arenas are able to have USP’s in place for a time — until competitors start popping up.

My point is this. Unique Selling Points no longer have a place in any modern & successful business. Instead marketing a business should focus on precise audience targeting, clear offers and ultimately serving the ever changing needs of those audiences.

Don’t waste time trying to identify USP’s.

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