The 3 Sources Of Traffic

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: March 16, 2020

Today I want to go over the 3 sources of traffic that you’ll ever have to drive into your Marketing such as websites, funnels and offers. In any business you want to aim to get traffic from all 3 sources and as you’ll soon learn, each source actually supports the others.


Organic traffic is any traffic that you get organically or naturally, without having to pay for it. There are tonnes of examples but some of the biggest include:

  • People visiting your website from a search on Google
  • Coming across your Facebook page via search or a recommendation from a friend/family
  • Any other social media search
  • Footfall outside of your physical store

The best part of this source of traffic is because it’s FREE. However there are a few obstacles that may stand in your way of this traffic source bringing you lots of traffic:

  • It’s inherently slow and you don’t have much impact on how much traffic you get and when.
  • You can’t rely on it to generate X traffic every day as it varies so much.
  • It relies on having a strong brand and following in place already — once you have that, organic traffic will slowly snowball.
  • New and small businesses will find it very hard to get much organic traffic for a long time.

As you can see to truly benefit from organic traffic you already need good brand awareness and following. So how do you get these if you’re just starting out?


This is where paid traffic comes in. Paid, as the name suggests, is traffic whereby you have to pay for it! Examples include:

  • Facebook Ads (my fave!)
  • Google Ads
  • Other social media Ads including Youtube, Linkedin etc
  • Affiliates — paying others to promote you

Obviously the downside to paid traffic is you have to pay for it! However it outweighs all of the problems you’d get with organic traffic.

  • It’s faster to get traffic if you pay for it.
  • Once your paid traffic methods are well optimised, it can generate a consistent amount of traffic every day.
  • You don’t need existing brand awareness or a following to start running.
  • New and small businesses can start RIGHT NOW.

Paid traffic is definitely key for new startups, but it’s also key to any busy that relies on getting steady, consistent traffic. Overtime organic traffic can definitely contribute, but paid traffic will remain top dog.

That is, until…

Your Database/Email List

Your database or list as some people prefer to call it is all of the people who have submitted their info to you on your website, ads etc via either Organic or Paid traffic.

This has some beautiful advantages:

  • Once you’ve acquired somebody’s data you are able to promote to them as much as you ethically can.
  • You’ve already done the hard yards and in many cases paid for it — now you can reep the benefits forever.
  • The traffic will be of higher quality because they’ve submitted their details.

However, it also has a few downsides:

  • It relies on getting traffic to your stuff first, and then having a good enough offer or freebie for people to submit their details for.
  • It takes a long time to build up a significant list, although can be boosted with increases in paid traffic.

So as you can see — it’s an amazing long term source of traffic that will only keep getting better. But in the short term, you have to rely on organic & paid.

Which source of traffic should you use?

There’s definitely arguments that every business should use all types, and I do that myself. However there are some you want to focus more on than others, depending on your new business.

New Startups

Focus on paid traffic supported slowly by organic — once you have a database of 1,000+ you can start utilising that.

Established Small And Medium Sized Businesses

Organic and your existing database should be more effective — however long term you can’t rely on this, and should keep some paid traffic going.

Big Business, Big Brand

You will be able to run entirely on organic traffic and your database as that should be massive. However, you always want to keep a trickle of paid ads to make sure your band doesn’t fade out.


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