Gone Fishing - The Successful Businesses Approach To Marketing

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: November 22, 2021

Marketing has grown to huge proportions, with so many different ways businesses can advertise themselves and their products/services. This is of course a great thing, having such a wide range of different marketing methods.

But it also comes with a problem. Not every method of marketing will work for every business. There are so many variants, in audience, products/services etc.

So, which methods should a business actually use?

Well, so called marketing “gurus” may tell you certain methods will work better than others. Perhaps they’re big on Facebook Ads, or Sales Funnels, or Google.

But they’re wrong. Sure, the businesses they’ve helped before may benefit from the methods they support. That’s fine, I’m not claiming that is wrong.

What is wrong is assuming one method of marketing will work for other businesses, just because it works for others. That just will not happen.

So with such a wide range of marketing methods to choose from, where should businesses start? Well, wherever they start they need to do one thing: fish.

Let me explain. Imagine each method is a different fishing spot. A business should drop their line in different spots. They’ll give it some time, but not a huge amount of time (nor money). Just enough to see if that method would work.

If not, move into the next spot. Keep trying different spots until the best ones are identified. Then a business can spend longer fishing in them, and getting good results.

But a business needs to go even further. They then need to test different parts of the spots, to find the absolute best part. If the spot is Facebook Ads for example, a business should test different audiences, copy, images/videos, etc.

The key is not just to fish in different spots to see which is best, but doing so enough to learn how good they are but not enough to waste too much time/money.

And the process should never stop. Eventually, spots will run out and businesses will need to try other spots.

When businesses start treating marketing like fishing, they’ll end up generating a greater ROI and will never run dry of opportunities for growth.

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