Heroes & Sidekicks: Client Positioning & why you’ve been getting it wrong

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: February 25, 2021

Positioning yourself with a potential client is essential to not only getting their business, but also ensuring they become a Raving Fan i.e. the happiest level a client can get (search for Ladder of Loyalty for more info).

When it comes positioning, businesses have been doing it wrong for years. In any clients story or journey, they always need help with a problem. That problem could be, not being able to get many sales for example. Or making more profit, recruiting more, etc.

Where businesses get it wrong is they position themselves as the hero in that story or journey, coming to the aid of a vulnerable client.

But clients are not the helpless victim — after all, they have the courage and wisdom to seek help.

And positioning clients that way, will not make them want to buy with you. Sure, some will, but over all it doesn’t work. The story is not about your business and what you do, the story is about the client!

Instead, businesses need to position themselves different. The clients story is they are on this earth to help people in a certain way. THEY ARE THE HERO. But sometimes, even a hero needs a helping hand — a sidekick.

And that is what businesses need to be and position themselves as — a sidekick. They’re here to help their client succeed in their mission and their journey.

This change in perspective and positioning has been proven to increase sales and lead to long term, long lasting raving fan clients.

When positioning yourself in any marketing and advertising you do, it should be made into a story. And that story should always start with a question, for example;

“Do you want to reach more people and share your message?” or “Do you want to help more people reach financial freedom”, etc.

It’s about the client — getting a helping hand from a sidekick i.e. your business, so they can go ahead and continue to be the hero and save people.

And this works in any business and industry. For my own, The Marketeer, I position myself as a sidekick who can help businesses reach more people — and in doing so, they’re able to continue to be the Hero and help people with whatever they specialise in.

Focus less on yourself and your own story. You go onto 100 businesses websites and guaranteed 99/100 will have a page dedicated to their story, their history.

Sadly, customers don’t want to hear much about that — they want help with their story.

It’s a small shift in positioning that can have absolutely huge impacts on obtaining clients and keeping them.

If you’d like to find out more about this, I suggest buying a copy of Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller. It’s through reading this book that I discovered this whole concept myself, and it’s been massive for me and others I know.

Let your clients become the HERO, by being their SIDEKICK.

A Gift For You

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