Marketing Is A Bridge

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 14, 2022

Changing your perspective on marketing will change your results from it!

I love perspective. Even the smallest of changes in it can lead to HUGE results. Sometimes things need to be viewed in a different light for us to enable the results we want.

It works for both our personal lives and in business.

Here’s a few examples:

If a salesman stops thinking that their job is to sell, and instead realise it’s to help people — they’ll sell more!

If we stop thinking about ourselves and instead help others, we end up helping ourselves in the process!

But the perspective change I want to talk about today is with my favourite subject: Marketing.

Marketing is perceived in many different ways;

  • Some believe it is just advertising, a way of getting yourself out there
  • Others see it as just a website — a destination people will arrive to when they want your help
  • Many see it as a necessity, others not a priority

How Marketing is perceived in a business will determine how well marketing works for them. The perspective held isn’t just a thought or opinion — it determines how marketing is done.

The truth is, marketing is different things to different businesses. But there is one perception that I believe EVERY business needs to hold about it, in order to enable and unlock superior results: more brand awareness, more leads, more prospects, more sales, more customers/clients, more revenue and more profit.

I believe that Marketing is a bridge:

On one side of Marketing — you have your target audience, and they all have one thing in common: a problem or problems.

On the other side of Marketing — is your business. Your business has the solution to your target audiences problems.

But the audience can’t reach your business. They can’t get your help, they can’t solve their problems.

This is where Marketing comes in. Marketing links the two — it provides a route people can take to get help.

By realising this, and treating marketing as such, a business can start to attract more and gain more. They’re able to determine the best ways to connect (market) themselves to their audience — which is to the benefit of both parties!

Take some time to think about marketing this way — and you’ll start to see small changes you can make to your marketing today that will enable it to serve as a better bridge.

A Gift For You

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