Pillars of Marketing and Why They’re Vital To Your Business

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: January 20, 2020

Today I want to talk about pillars of marketing, and why understanding them is absolutely vital to the long term success and operation of any and all business, large or small, new or old.

The Foundations of Any Business

I want you to imagine whilst you’re reading this, that your business or the business you work in is a physical building. It can take any shape or form you like, a skyscraper or a one story office.

Until the day comes where technology can counter gravity, your business/building can’t stand up by itself. It needs something to hold it up and keep it secure for now and forever. So your business/building has pillars that support and keep it safe.

In this scenario, your business/buildings pillars are different methods of marketing. Each method brings in a certain amount of traffic, leads and customers — without which the business/building couldn’t afford to keep running.

Imagine if the business/building relied primarily on just one form of marketing, one primary pillar. What if that pillar started to erode and get chipped away, until it collapsed — bringing your business/building with it.

There are tonnes of different methods of marketing which I’ll go over soon, but the chances are your business will rely on only two or three to feed it the majority of its traffic, leads and customers.

Any any method of marketing is vulnerable to collapse. Even if it’s running amazing right now, getting customers at an amazing ROI, this won’t last for ever. It’s inevitable.

Over the last century we’ve seen so many different ways to advertise come about, change the way business works, but eventually fade out.

Newspapers/Magazines, Direct Mail & TV advertising will never be what it was 20 years ago. Sure they’re still around today, but they’re no way near as effective compared to more modern and digital methods born at the dawn of the internet.

You NEED to have other pillars in place and in reserve for when that day comes — because it will! Right now Facebook Ads is an amazing method of marketing, and in my and many experts views the best method available right now for any business.

But even I, a devout believer and follower of FB Ads know that one day it just won’t be good any more.

So what other pillars can you put in place? Let’s have a look…

What Kind Of Pillars Can A Business Have

If you glance at this diagram below you’ll see six very particular marketing pillars — each one represents a batch of other smaller pillars.

Some of these primary pillars are more significant than others, and it’s those significant ones and the small pillars inside each that we’re going to cover.


In the 21st-century online methods of marketing (pillars) are king. There are so many options, each of which have the power to hold up your business and give it all the leads and customers you could ever want. But remember, don’t rely on just one or two! Here’s a list of the main choices you have:

Websites with amazing SEO

Google Ads

Facebook Ads (love it)

Youtube Ads

Linkedin/Twitter/Instagram Ads

Organic Social Media (free)




There’s a lot of different methods here, but the main one is Affiliation i.e. paying other people to promote your business and products. With the dawn of the internet this method grew massively because people all over the world can be affiliates for you.


Verbal marketing is primarily word of mouth which has been around forever and always will be. Every business will already have this pillar in place, but it will not be enough to hold it up by itself. The best way of reinforcing this pillar is simply doing an outstanding job to every one of your clients. Deliver world class service, go above and beyond and create raving fans — and they will go forth and spread the good word of your business.


Recommendations & Referrals is the main internal marketing method and as with word of mouth most businesses will already have this pillar, albeit a small one in place. To really build the pillar up you’ll need to have a referral scheme in place for all of your employees, as well as your suppliers, partners etc.

The schemes need to be communicated often, and most importantly reward well. Don’t expect employees to go out of their way on their own time to try and find you clients. Make the reward irresistible, and you’ll reap a return a hundred times greater than what you have to pay out.

That’s the main marketing pillars taking care of — please comment and let me know if you’d like to see a second post in the future where I go over some of the smaller and lesser known pillars.


A Gift For You

As a thank you for reading today I want to offer you free copies of our guides.

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