Marketing - It's Not About Shouting The Loudest Anymore

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: July 4, 2020

Once upon a time, Marketing & Advertising was just about shouting louder than your competitors. Making the biggest claims, the boldest statements, and the most irresistible of offers.

But alas, no more — and that’s for the better.

Every area of business is undeniably about people — and the same goes for Marketing & Advertising. To succeed in these arenas a business must understand people.

And the amazing thing about people is that they change — often. Their preferences, desires, interests, vary day to day.

This is absolutely critical when it comes to the success of any businesses Marketing.

The last two decades has seen major technological changes that have impacted the world of business and Marketing. The evolution of the internet, computers, mobile devices, social media, online advertising, emails.

The list is endless.

All of these have made it easier for a business to communicate and try to sell to their audience. This is of course a great thing.

But this has lead to the average person being advertised to 300-times a day. A crazy number! Imagine being open to so much advertising from making so many bold claims about why they’re the best and better than all the rest.

Eventually people have started to become immune to these messages. They want proof. They want facts, figures and testimonials. They want to do their due diligence and they expect the time to do so.

This has opened so much opportunity for smaller and newer businesses in all industries & niches. Finally people will see them for what they are, and not just a tiny ant compared to corporate giants with huge marketing budgets to spend on messages like “we’re the best!”.

Peoples preferences with advertising has changed in many other ways too. In a world where there seems like 100 businesses who can do the same job or service, people expect more.

They expect businesses to be honest, ethical and integral. They expect to be treated fairly, and the same for all shareholders. People can now afford to be picky, because they’re not trapped by the one local provider. The world is their oyster.

Businesses with the smallest of marketing budgets can start to get new clients & customers, and scale their business.

Stop shouting so loud about how good you are. Instead, prove it. Show how ethical you are, how friendly, how generous. Show that you’re not just interested in your audiences money. Genuinely strive to help them, and in return they will help your business by supporting it.

A Gift For You

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