Non-Digital Marketing: How To Measure Your Results

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: November 8, 2021

Measuring the results of your marketing is essential to optimisation and maximising ROI. By being able to determine how many views your website got, how many customers you gained, etc. from a piece of marketing is incredibly valuable.

Digital Marketing comes with many advantages from non-digital, more traditional marketing. One of these is the ability to easily measure results.

Take Facebook Ads for example — not only can you see how many views your ads got, how many clicks, how many new leads or sales. But you can also see which ads did best and which ad sets (audiences). This allows you to optimise and reduce your costs, whilst maximising results.

Look at Emails too. You can measure the % who opened, the % who clicked and anybody who took any actions from the email. Incredibly valuable, allowing you to formulate only the best email campaigns.

But with non-digital marketing, it’s not as easy. That said, it’s far from impossible. Every business should make effort to accurately measure their non-digital marketing results, in comparison to their digital marketing.

But how?

Unique Webpages

By having a unique webpage or collection of webpages that can only be accessed via a set source, you can easily determine the success or failure of that non-digital marketing method.

For example, if you were to run an advert in a magazine or newspaper. The call to action could link to a certain URL. That URL is not to be advertised anywhere else, meaning any traffic to it will be from that advert.

This method works well as it’s usually fairly easy to duplicate webpages and set individual URL’s for them.

NOTE: By duplicating webpages, you’re easily able to compare results from different marketing methods. If the webpages were different, the results will be influenced by the different webpages and not solely the marketing method.

Different Emails

If your martketing method was to promote an email address instead of a webpage, you want to use different addresses for different methods.

Like the unique webpages, it’s also easy to set up multiple email addresses and have them be directed to the same location whilst also clearly showing which email address was used.

And ensure you only use those addresses for one marketing method to guarantee accurate results.

Varying Codes/References

If you were offering a special deal or selling a certain product in your non-digital marketing, codes or references are great.

This will allow you to measure which marketing method generated what sales, as the code will be unique to a single marketing method.

Custom Phone Numbers

Phone numbers can be used just like the webpages, email addresses and codes/references.

By advertising a different phone number in each piece of marketing, you can easily see which generated the most interest. Again, it’s easy to set up multiple phone numbers.

An offshoot to this, which might be easier as it allows the need for only one person, is promoting a certain member of staff.

It doesn’t have to be an actual member of staff, but you can say “Call Paula on XXXXXXXX” or “Call Julie on XXXXXXXX” Then whoever answers will track the name of the person being asked for, and see which piece of marketing generated the most calls.


This is probably the most commonly used method. Asking new customers/clients where they heard of you from. Whilst being an option, it is limiting:

  • A customer/client may have heard of you from several different methods before they bought, and so might not even remember where they first heard of you!
  • They may have heard of you a long time ago, and your marketing has slowly warmed them up over time — over which they can’t recall how it all started!
  • Even if the customer believes they remember, they could be wrong and so your data will be inaccurate and unusable.
  • This method is only good for finding out which marketing generated customers. What about views, clicks, leads and opt ins? You can’t ask them all!

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