Don't Let A Lack Of Time Or Knowledge Stem Your Businesses Growth

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: October 25, 2021

If you lack what you need to grow your business, invest in getting some help

When you start a business, you have a few things. You have an idea of what to sell, you have the knowledge to create or deliver what you’re going to sell, and you have goals behind why you started the business in the first place.

Goals can come in all shapes and sizes, but you can bet they rely on the new business growing over time. At the very beginning, a new enterprise is unlikely to enable any financial goals, and it will keep the owner working long hours.

So if you create a business to achieve goals, but the business can only achieve those goals by growing, it stands to reason that growth should be a constant focus. Otherwise there is the risk of stagnation, stemming the growth potential or worse case — simply leading to a withering decline.

But that’s obvious, we all know that. So what is stopping so many businesses from growing?

There can be many reasons, some of which are external influences that you can’t really control. However some of the critical reasons that growth can be stemmed, come from internal sources.

If I were to ask 100 business owners what enables growth, they’ll come up with a very long list of different reasons — each as valid as the next.

However for this post I want to focus on what I personally believe to be the no.1 factor in determining the growth of a business: Marketing.

As the owner of The Marketeer marketing agency, I’m bound to say that! But I created the agency to fill a significant need that many business owners have.

Many acknowledge the importance and significance of marketing to develop and grow their business. And yet their business doesn’t grow. I’ve discovered two critical reasons for this:

  • They lack the knowledge to do better marketing, in order to reach new people, gain new customers/clients, increase revenue and grow.
  • and/or they lack time. That is either time to do marketing themselves, or the lack of time to learn how to do marketing better.

So what should business owners do? Should they accept they can’t take their business any further, and let it stagnate and eventually fade, wither and die?

Or should they seek help?

Exactly. By seeking help, business owners can invest in better marketing or training to be able to do better marketing themselves and grow their business.

Now don’t get me wrong, it can be hard for many business owners and entrepreneurs to get help. And many will want to do everything themselves. But the reality is they can’t do everything, and they need to invest in help from those who can enable their businesses growth.

So business owners, hear my plea. Achieve the goals you first set out when you created your business, by getting the help you need to grow it to the next level. Find somebody who can help you with your marketing.

That could be somebody who can help train you and your team to do marketing better, or to simply go and do marketing for your business hands-free.

Don’t be too proud or stubborn to invest in the help your business needs to grow. Your business is still yours, and if left to wither and die it will have been for nothing and your goals left underachieved.

Invest in marketing help, grow your business and in turn achieve your goals.

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