Direct Mail — It’s Making A Come Back

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: November 29, 2020

In the age of information and the internet, where people are advertised to daily by at least 400 different advertisers, it’s difficult for any business in any niche or industry to stand out for even a second.

99% of marketing and advertising is digital, which is great because it allows messages to reach people wherever they are on their phones and other devices. A lot of digital marketing such as Facebook Ads can be specifically targeted at precise target audiences, meaning results are even better than other methods.

Whilst I’m an advocate for digital marketing and run my own agency delivering on all things digital marketing, there is one trend that I’ve noticed is opening up.

Direct mail — It used to be a pet hate of everybody 10–20 year’s ago, as a lot of junk mail used to be posted through on a daily business. However as the internet came a long advertisers (rightfully so) switched to the new trend.

But things are slowly turning the other away again. People are now sick of seeing so many emails and adverts literally everywhere they go on the internet, social media etc. And whilst they’re easy to ignore, small numbers are quitting Facebook for example to escape.

Despite this, I 100% believe digital marketing and email marketing has decades of life left in it — the ability to target precisely is so cost efficient and effective. But the more and more it is used, it’s opening up the potential of direct mail.

Direct mail is now a great way to stand out from the crowd of online adverts and allows you to get your audiences attention for even a few seconds — which can be all that it takes.

Sure, direct mail will typically cost more to advertise to one person than advertising to them online — but is way more likely to be successful. Even just a simple letter, or something more elaborate like a ticket for a discount or free event can work really well.

Sure, they’ll always be a percentage of people who will just throw this away — but it’s the same for most adverts people come across online — they just ignore them even though the advertisers are paying for them!

But direct mail is now a great opportunity to add a bit more of a personal touch and stand out for even just a few seconds. And in a world where people are so busy day-to-day, rushing about on their devices, it’s nice to come home to a little treat on their door mat.

It’s just more personal and it’s even nice just opening a letter — a lot of communication that used to be through direct mail is now done via emails etc. Which is of course great for the environment, but you can still do direct mail promotions using recycled and recyclable material.

Businesses that notice the re-opportunity of direct mail in the coming months and years will really find some traction with their target audience because they’ll stand out way more than the methods every other business is using.

Just don’t go all in to direct mail — using and relying on one marketing method (or marketing pillar) is a very dangerous thing for any business to do.

Instead, use direct mail alongside 4–5 other marketing techniques — such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, blogs, website SEO, emails, webinars etc.

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