The Hidden Magic of Google & Youtube Ads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: September 15, 2020

Hey — today I want to go over the hidden magic of Google & Youtube Ads. But first, lets recap on some of my previous posts and on advertising in general.

Until the dawn of the Internet, advertising was fairly limited. You had the likes of newspapers, magazines, tv & radio, as well as direct mail and your shop window. The problem with the majority of this advertising is you were limited to just how precisely you could target people, so a lot of the time you paid to advertise to people, the majority of whom, had zero interest in you and your services.

In the last decade or so, as the Internet really came into it’s on, new advertising methods were born. Email, social media, websites, paid advertising etc.

Websites could be optimised and made to be high up in search engines using SEO, so people searching for certain products and services were directed straight to you.

Social media allowed you to build a brand and following — and paid ads in particular really brought about a new way of advertising. Allowing you to precisely target the perfect people who are most likely to be interested in you and your offers.

Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and many more platforms allow this awesome precise targeting. But what you may not know, is that two of these go that bit further for you…

The Magic Of Google Ads

One of the primary functionalities of Google Ads is allowing ads to appear at the top of it’s search engine for people who search certain terms, brands etc. Up to 3 different ads can appear above the usual 10 search results, meaning a lot of the time people end up clicking them first.

The real magic of Google Ads is being able to jump on the back of your competitors and their established brands. You can literally run ads to people who search your competitors business name or their products, meaning your ads show up before their own websites!

Imagine how powerful that could be for your brand and business — wow!

This is great for businesses of all sizes, but especially small and medium sized as well as new startups. What those businesses lack in an established brand and reputation, they can make up by piggy packing on their competitors.

Now of course the downside to this is your competitors can do the same to you too — but you can’t have everything!

The Magic Of Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads allow something very similar to Google — but it’s slightly more limited. Youtube Ads are short videos that show up for 5 seconds before they’re able to view the majority of videos on Youtube. If you’re able to grab the viewers attention in those 5 seconds, you can take them away from the original video they intended to watch.

This is where the magic happens — you can literally run ads for your business on the videos of your competitors! Now it’s important to note that any youtube channel has the ability to disallow people to run ads on their videos.

But if you have competitors that just don’t know this — you can take advantage. Again like with Google, you’re piggy backing on the brand of your competitors, and getting your stuff shown before theirs!

And as with Google this is especially amazing for startups and small/medium sized businesses. BUT, again, your competitors can do the same to you too if you don’t change your settings — so beware!

Combine the two of these advertising methods, and you’ll see an an increase in traffic to your website in no time — and because it’s targeted at people perfect for you, the leads you get will be of high quality and at a low cost.


A Gift For You

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