Marketing - Don't Do It Later, Do It Today

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: March 24, 2022

Things that may seem like it can wait another day, rarely ever can…

How businesses approach Marketing can make or break the business. Most businesses in the 21st-century acknowledge the importance of Marketing. They don’t deny that it’s essential to long term growth and survival.

But what some businesses end up doing is getting themselves into a cycle where Marketing is not a priority. This is because whilst Marketing is important to a business, a business has many other priorities just as essential to its success. This can include product/service development, production and delivery, HR, finances and cashflow, training & development and so on.

For example, a business may plan to develop a new Marketing strategy one week, but other things such as those listed pop up and must come first. So Marketing is held back a week, and another, and another.

Whilst in the short term this isn’t a major issue, long term it is. Long term neglect of Marketing will hurt a business massively and soon the need for more customers & clients becomes greater, and there may even be talks about redundancies.

That’s why it’s important businesses progress Marketing daily, bit by bit. Even just setting aside 30–60 mins a day to work on it will help keep the business going in the long term.

It’s almost like treating Marketing like personal fitness. Whilst you may not feel like exercising today, and that one day won’t hurt, if you keep skipping exercises it will hurt long term.

Reminding yourself daily to work on Marketing even just a little bit will contribute massively to the long term survival of your business. I’m not saying that you will not have other priorities because you do, and each are just as important as the next.

Just don’t let Marketing slip by each day, keep working on it, bit by bit, and ensure the long term growth and survival of the business you’ve worked so hard to built.

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