6 Elements Of An Effective Lead Magnet

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 19, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about lead magnets, and in particular, the six different elements that contribute to creating an awesome lead magnet. Now, before I dive into that, let's have a quick look at what is a great lead magnet.

Well, a lead magnet is fantastic if it does two things.

Firstly, it attracts quality leads for you in your business.

And secondly, if it also helps to convert those leads into sales later on down the line.

So there's two very important aspects there; attracting leads in the first instance, and supporting the sale to those leads in the near future.

So what are the six elements that make up a successful lead magnet that does both of these things?

An example of a series of lead magnets I've created and used before

Well, firstly, the title. Now, I know, you may think that the title might not have that much of an impact, but what you call your lead magnet contributes significantly to who actually downloads it, or accesses it or buys it, whatever your lead magnet is, whether it's digital or physical. The title will appeal or needs to appeal to the right people and also not appeal and do the opposite effect to those that you don't want to promote to and you do not want to create a lead out of.

Secondly, you've got the layout. Now again, this might be something that you may think is insignificant in a lead magnet. However, how lead magnets laid out really makes it easier or harder to understand and listen and learn from, which is another key part of the lead magnet. So successful lead magnets ensure the layout is easy to follow. So it's almost like reading a story, a beginning, a middle and an end. So people can easily flow through and read through or watch through, or any whatever format that your lead magnet is.

Now, the third thing is value. And I'm sure you would definitely agree with me on this value is a critical element of any aspect of any business but especially lead magnets, because it needs to be a value. There’s no use offering somebody a lead magnet, if it's of no value, if there's nothing in it for them. If they don't take anything away, whether it's learning or something a bit more practical, more physical tangible, it needs to be of use, it needs to be of value.

The fourth and fifth elements are kind of linked. So the first thing is your lead magnet needs to point out problems that directly relate to your target audience and those you want to create leads out of, so you've got to really speak to them, speak to those people. So when they're reading or watching or whatever it is, they'll be doing your lead magnet. They'll go “oh, hang on, I recognize that problem, I've got that problem.” And then what's the next thing they're gonna be thinking? Well, “how do I solve that problem?” So that is the fifth element of a great lead magnet, providing a solution or offering a solution, or at least teasing a solution in some kind of answer to help them get them out of that problem to solve that problem.

And then finally, you have the cover of a lead magnet. So if it's a book or a guide, you would have some kind of cover that demonstrates, that has the title and things like that. But it also needs to look really good and really appealing, and again, attractive to your target audience that you want to create leads out of. Now, if your lead magnet is something a bit more physical, or not like an ebook or a guide, you can still create 3d renders of physical products that you can promote and make look really good, so people really want to get them. For example, if you're offering a video series, you can make it, you can package it to look like a DVD or something like that. Or you can have a laptop where your video is playing or something like that, just to show there is a value and it's something of substance as well, which is really important.

So, yes, the six elements to ensure you create a significant and successful lead magnet is firstly the title, then you have the layout, then you have the value. So the value that you provide in that lead magnet. You then got the problems, solutions, and finally, the cover of the lead magnets. So six elements there. And as I said that will allow your lead magnet to do, firstly, attract quality leads for you and your business and secondly, support the selling to those leads in the future. Because they've got, they've received something from you most likely for free of such substantial value that they're going to think, wow, if I've got this for free or very little money, what would I get if I actually give them more money? So yeah, it's really important and it supports those two crucial elements that make a successful lead magnet.

I hope that's been useful, thanks for reading!


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