Testing 1-2-3

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: March 26, 2022

Testing refers simply to the creation and implementation of different tests in your marketing. Every Marketing technique has dozens if not hundreds of different elements, and each one needs to be well tested to work out what works well and what doesn’t.

Let’s take paid Facebook Ads for example. Each ad is compiled of a number of different elements: Main text box, headline text box, description text box, media (single image, carousel of images or video), a call to action button, a link, and more!

Each of those needs to be tested many times — at least 5 times, with different content in each. You will then measure the data, a process I’ll cover another time. You then identify what elements worked best and run ads with them only — i.e. optimising. Then you run more tests and so on, and so forth— to infinity, and beyond!

Why does the process never stop?

This is a question I get all the time — “If I run tonnes of tests, measure them and identify what works and put them into place — why do I need to keep testing?”

And it’s a good point. Through your testing you may have discovered elements in your Marketing that when used a certain way generates results hundreds of times better than you ever hoped for or have achieved before!

But the sad truth is those results will not last forever. Whether it’s tomorrow, next week, or next quarter — your performance will start to slip.

The average person will be promoted to by 3,000 different companies and products in a SINGLE DAY

Is there any wonder then when people start to get sick of seeing the same advertisements and offers? Plus, with so much competition, you have got to stay ahead of the game constantly.

Another question I get is: “Why can’t I wait until I see things starting to slip before I restart the test-measure-optimise process?”.

You could absolutely do that. But in doing so you run the risk of your results slipping too soon before your tests identify new best performers. There is no typical amount of time you can expect to have optimised your Marketing after doing the tests.

It’s possible to run lots & lots of tests, only for them all to do poorly. What then?

No, you need to keep doing the process, continuously without let up. Now I’m not going to lie, it will be a lot of work — but boy will it be worth it!

Stay ahead of the game, and never fall behind — Test, test, test.

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