5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: December 14, 2020

1. Value

First up, you want to Ad maximum value to your Ads. By that I mean giving away free information that will be extremely useful and thus valuable to your audience.

You can do that in the form of a video in your Ads teaching something, or just put the teachings into text on the Ad. Or, you can direct people to a webpage where they can download a free guide, blog or something like that.

By adding value, you’re immediately creating a following of people that like you and love how you help them. In the short term this may seem like you’re giving and receiving nothing, and that is more or less true.

But the true advantage of doing this is you’ll a more engaged following, so when you come to try to sell them something they’re much more likely to buy!

2. Eye-Catching

When running Ads there are two metrics you need to keep out for: Reach (or views) and Clicks.

The more Reach you get the more Clicks you’ll get and better results due to the compound effect. And the best way of maximising your Reach is having eye catching Media.

You have the choice of Images or Videos on your Ads, and they’re so important. Imagine if you were scrolling through your Newsfeed on Facebook — you’ll going past your friends posts, pages you follow, and Ads from multiple businesses.

What will make you stop and pay attention to one of them? Eye Catching Images or Videos will do that with your Ads — so test many different ones and find out which gets you the best Reach!

3. Call To Action

Ad Clicks is the other metric you need to keep an eye on. You can get a thousand views on your Ad, but if you don’ t get any clicks you’ve wasted your money.

There are 6 total things that influence somebody’s decision to click (stay tuned for a future post on each of these in detail), and one of these is your Call To Action.

Your Call To Action comes largely from your Text — You need to use your text to persuade the reader to click your Ad and take you up on what you’re offering.

So as like Images & Videos at 2. you want to test many different texts, with different Call To Actions to see which gets you the best clicks!

4. Organic Exposure

As you know with Facebook Ads you’re paying to run the Ads. But what if I told you that there are ways of getting free traffic onto your Ads?

This is achievable by creating Engagement on your Ads. Engagement includes things like comments, likes and shares. The more of this you get, the more people will see your Ads organically, through friends who have engaged with them.

So you need to inspire and encourage engagement with your Ads. Do this by adding maximum value as mentioned at 1. and then literally asking for comments, opinions etc on what you’ve posted.

This works the same for non-value Ads too. If you’re offering something so irresistible, viewers will link their friends and family to the Ad if they think it would benefit them too. Remember, people hang around with people just like them, so if your offer is good for one, it’s good for many of their friends!

5. Be Precise

Facebook Ads offer many advantages compared to other paid Ads and other advertising tools in general. But the main advantage, and the main reason I just love it so darn much is it’s ability to target your ideal audience.

Through Ad Set options including Custom/Lookalike Audiences, Demographics and Interests, you can ensure that your Ads are only shown to the type of people who will be most interested in you and what you’re offering.

You don’t have to waste a penny/dollar on advertising to the wrong people ever again. So make sure you configure your Ad Sets to do this. Advertising to 10,000 targeted people is better than advertising to 1,000,000 people who are not targeted.

Plus, if you test many different Ad Sets and measure the results, finding out which get you the best results — you can compound the effect to get even better results.

It’s just an amazing way to run adverts. And even better, it’s good for Facebook users too. Nobody likes to be advertised to about services they will never have an interest in or never have shown an interest in.

Be precise and you’ll get outstanding results.

A Gift For You

As a thank you for reading today I want to offer you free copies of our guides.

Helping our clients fill their events and webinars, or supporting them to do so themselves, via Facebook Ads is something we do 365 days a year.

How do we do this?  

Through our done for you and done with you services that you can learn more about here.

Whilst you’re here, I’d like to invite you to learn how The Marketeer continually filled the UK’s market-leading portfolio builder and property educator webinars and events over the last 24 months.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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