Facebook Ads Golden Rules of Ad Management

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: April 25, 2022

Welcome back to some more golden rules of Facebook Ads. Today I’m covering the golden rules we use to manage all of our clients Facebook Ads. When it comes to getting success from your FB Ads, it’s important to understand that this comes in two halves.

The first half is the ads themselves – the targeting, the ad copy, the ad visuals. And I’ve covered our golden rules of them in blogs earlier this year.

The second half, which is just as important – but which many advertisers tend to neglect, is how to manage those ads.

You could have created an amazing beautiful ad, with engaging copy and run it to your ideal target audience – and get rubbish results. Why? Because you’ve not managed the ad correctly.

And likewise, you can run some average looking ads that read OK, and get great results if you… you guessed it: Managed them correctly.

So that’s what I’m going to cover today. Let’s dive in!

In total there are 6 golden rules to follow when managing your ads.

1. Micro-management

The most important golden rule of ad management is micro-management.

Most ad “gurus” and FB themselves will tell you that you should run your ads solely dependent upon that algorithms which, in theory, allow you to get better results automatically through their clever artificial intelligence.

The problem is, this requires you to spend a lot of time – and money – running ads that could be getting bad results for you, but you can’t turn them off. You’re told to leave them running for weeks, spending hundreds, even thousands of pounds over that time.

In my experience, having ran FB Ads for clients worldwide over the last 5 years, this strategy is just a fast way to waste your ad money for little to no results.

Instead I prefer a micro-management approach, where you constantly monitor and tweak your ads.

Yes it takes more time. But it’s by far the best way I know to maximise your results.

And it’s precisely why I spend huge chunks of my days, 365 days a year, managing my clients ads. They deserve the best results, and this is the best way to get them that.

2. Turning on/Off

At the centre of this micro-management approach, is turning your ads on and off.

Again, the algorthym approach and strategy states to always leave your ads on.

And again, I disagree.

Instead, turn your ads on first thing – and turn them off late at night.

Why? Because FB will spend your ad budget running ads to your audience, 99.9% of which will be asleep! So again, it’s just a way of burning your money.

The only exception to this golden rule is when running ads for worldwide audiences.

When setting your ads up for the next day, always ensure you start at a reasonably low budget and then once you start to get traction and results, slowly increase. That way you don’t blow a load of your ad spend in the early hours for next to no results.

3. Test different media/copy/audiences

By turning on and off each day, you’ll develop a daily cycle. And when you first start running a new campaign or promotion, you want to run some different media and copy to different audiences each day.

By doing this for at least a few days, you can start to see what audiences get you the best results, as well as what ad copy and visuals do too. You can start to identify trends.

This then leads to the next rule.

4. Optimise

Once you’ve done some testing (which, by the way, you should never really stop doing EVER), you measure the results and identify trends. You can then start running what you knows works the best, and start to spend more money.

That said, even the best ad never lasts forever. So run your best performers but keep an eye on them because they may start performing poorer and the next day you need to run something else.

But if they continue to do well, you can start increasing budgets and scaling your results.

5. Keep an eye on your spend! Know when to move on

By this point you’ll know what works well, and what doesn’t.

But that doesn’t mean you should start sitting back and relaxing – your work is not done!

People change. The world changes. What works today, might not work tomorrow – or next week – or next month.

Your best performers will eventually decline.

So constantly keep an eye on your spend – make sure you’re getting good results for your spend and it doesn’t spiral out of hand.

And know when you need to test some new ads – because your best performers have declined too much.

Rinse and repeat – test new ads – measure – optimise – scale and repeat.

6. Don’t start new ads in the middle of the day

Last but not least, an important final golden rule.

Always start new ads early in the day.

If you find yourself unable to start them early in the day, or they perform badly so you want to try some new ones in the middle of the day – resist temptation.

Instead, turn your ads off and set them up ready for the next day.

Starting new ads in the middle of the day means FB will need to work hard to spend your budget and catch up on many hours they’re behind. This is another way of spending your money for little to no results.

So don’t do it!

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