Why Your Cost Per Lead From Facebook Ads Is Too Expensive Part 2

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: June 13, 2022

Last week I shared 3 of the biggest reasons why your CPL from FB Ads is too expensive.

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Today I want to continue with the same subject, with 4 more reasons why your CPL from FB Ads is too expensive.

Let’s dive in!

Reason 4: You are relying on FB algorithm far too much

You must have heard about the Facebook Algorithm that operates behind the scenes of all of your ads. Facebook are constantly talking about this powerful AI that they’ve created to maximise results for your business.

And yes, it can be useful for advertisers. No doubt.

But can you solely rely upon it to generate you cost effective results? Never.

The AI relies you to spend a lot of money over a short period of time on your ads, without making any changes. You have to literally watch your ads spend more and more money, even if your CPL is high.

Why? Because this allows the AI to learn what ads are best to target and who they’re best to be targeted to.

But my problem with this is it takes too long, and costs too much money.

The techniques and strategies I use to deliver low CPL’s do not rely upon this algorithm at all.

Sure, we’ve tried and tested it many times. But we’ve found that you can’t just rely upon the all mighty FB Algorithm. Unless you’re a fan of burning your money.

Which, if you’re reading this guide – I’m sure you’re not!

If your CPL is higher than you’d like, I suspect you’re relying too heavily on this AI.

Reason 5: You are not spending enough time ON and IN your ads

As I mentioned in reason 4 you cannot sit back and rely on Facebooks AI to spend your hard earned money whilst you generate next to no results in return.

So it also goes without saying that you also can’t not spend time ON and IN your ads. What do I mean by this?

Firstly ON your ads.

On setting up best performing campaigns. On creating precisely targeted audiences. On crafting highly effective and persuasive copy. On designing beautiful creatives, images and videos.

To achieve a lower CPL you must spend time on creating the best ads.

But that’s only half the story…

You also need to spend time IN your ads.

Managing your ads after they have gone live. Monitoring the metrics, chief of which is the CPL.

This is the opposite of sitting back and relying on the AI. It’s why you’ll experience opposite CPL’s too – much, much lower!

Reason 6: You are not testing and optimising your ads

Testing different ads is critical to keeping your CPL lower.

It’s simply not enough to create one ad – one copy – one image, and expect to be lucky enough for it to do well. Chances are, it won’t.

By spending more time ON your ads as mentioned in reason 5, you will be able to run and test multiple different ads to different audiences.

You can then monitor your results and CPL, and optimise your ads.

You can clearly see what ads are getting you the lowest CPL, and which are the highest. You can then optimise by spending more on your best performing ads, and less or none at all on the worst performing.

This is just so critical to ensuring and maintaining a lower CPL.

It’s no longer enough to just run one single advertisement.

The average person is advertised too 300 times a day, and this number grows each and every day.

You’ve got to work hard to catch the attention of your audience so you can capture them as a lead cost-effectively.

Reason 7: You make decisions on opinions and speculation, not data and facts

Last but not least, reason 7. This is linked to several of the other reasons.

If you are not countering the iOS updates impact on accurate result reporting, how can you possibly make the right decisions about your ads?

And if you’re not testing different ads to identify what does best… how can you possibly optimise and keep your CPL as low as possible?

The problem is too many advertisers make decisions on their ads based upon their own opinion, speculation and inaccurate data.

They dislike an ad image or copy because they personally don’t think it’s good. But they are not their target audience. YOU ARE NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

Don’t assume an ad will or will not work.

Test them, accurately measure the data and then and only then – can you make the right decisions.

Those are all of the main reasons your CPL from FB Ads is too expensive.

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