The Importance Of Test, Measure & Optimise

Author: ImpactfulMarketing
Date: May 17, 2023

I have been asked many times… is there a magic formula for Facebook Ads?

As much as I would love there to be one, unfortunately, there isn’t!

The nearest thing is our strategy that we do every single day for every single client: Test, Measure & Optimise.

This is crucial to running successful and profitable Facebook Ads!

Watch the below video where I share how this works...

So, remember this when you are next creating and running a Facebook Ad campaign:

Test: audiences, images, video, copy

Measure: review the data from the tests; which ad set or ad did the best or worst?

Optimise: scale your ads according to the data, spend more money on your best performing ad sets and ads

Make sure you keep an eye out for a blog next week where I go over a strategy that has been an absolute game changer with ads to getting more high-quality leads for less. 



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