5 Facebook Ads Myths Debunked In 5 Minutes

Author: ImpactfulMarketing
Date: March 20, 2023

Myths. Fake News. Untruths and Misperceptions.

Call it what you will, but there’s plenty of it when it comes to FB Ads. So much so that some businesses choose not to use FB Ads for their business or stop using them. And this can be damaging!

So today I want to quickly debunk the 5 most common FB Ad myths I hear, so you can clearly and better understand how FB Ads could work for you and your business.

So without further ado let’s dive in and start blowing away the cobwebs and show you the reality!

1. FB Ads don’t work any more

The first and most common myth I hear is that FB Ads don’t work any more.

Many different reasons are cited for this and I’ll come onto that later. But for now let’s focus on this myth.

So it’s saying is FB Ads used to “work” and don’t any more.

By work it’s usually meant in terms of getting a business results – leads, clients/customers, sales, etc.

It also refers to general return on investment, cost-effectiveness and quality.

So why is this not true?

Because we run successful FB Ads that “work” for clients 365 days a year. We’re living proof that this is a myth and not true.

That all said, I understand where it comes from.

FB Ads comes with a steep learning curve – now more than ever.

So to some people and businesses who are less experienced with FB Ads, it might seem like they’re not working any more. Because it does get harder and takes a lot of learning to do it right.

So FB Ads DO WORK, if you know how or get somebody to do them for you who does know what they’re doing.

2. My audience isn’t on FB

The next most common myth I hear is in reference to a businesses audience not being on FB. And again, I understand the origin of this myth.

Every social platform attracts different people – and originally FB was for the younger generation. But over the years every demographic group has joined and are active on FB Ads.

To an extent that several billion people actively use FB daily. That’s a huge chunk of the population of the planet!

What also fuels this myth is peoples and businesses inexperience with ads. If you know how, you can easily target your ads to your audience and get results.

If you don’t know how, you don’t and it can seem like this is because your audience isn’t on the platform.

Sure not every single person who forms your audience is on FB – but a huge number are. And if you know how you can run ads directly to them.

Your audience IS on FB, friends.

3. FB Ads are too expensive

Another myth I hear far too often refers to FB Ads being too expensive. Usually it’s in reference to the fact that FB Ads are getting more expensive due to a number of factors and reasons.

And again, the origin falls down to experience of the platform.

If you don’t know FB Ads very well, your results will very well be expensive.

If you do know ads well, you can get great results cost-effectively and cheaply.

It’s that simple.

And it’s fair to say that FB Ads is more expensive than they were a year or more ago, overall.

But this myth comes down to inexperience above all else. FB Ads are only expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

4. iOS updates killed FB Ads

The biggest reason people cite for FB Ads “no longer working” or FB Ads “being too expensive” is the iOS changes that happened in Q3 of 2021.

These changes have been cited as being so influential to FB Ads that they’ve literally killed them.

Ie made them no longer a viable source of marketing and leads for a business.

Let’s be clear here.

The iOS updates have made FB Ads harder – and more expensive.

But it’s not killed FB Ads off – not by a long shot.

If you know how, you can get results equal to pre-iOS changes.

I’ve been there – I’ve done it and continue to do it for businesses.

Sure, it’s not easy – it required some learning, some adaption, some evolution.

But doesn’t everything?

So whilst I can see why people may think iOS have killed FB Ads, I can honestly say it’s just not true if you can adapt and overcome.

5. People hate seeing FB Ads

Last but not least, this myth has been around forever.

And is applied to every source of advertising and marketing ever.

So let’s be clear, some people do hate seeing FB Ads.

Some people hate being advertised to in general.

That’s unavoidable, I’m afraid.

Does that mean you shouldn’t run FB Ads? Heck no!

Those who hate FB Ads are the minority. You can never please everybody… and you shouldn’t try!

But you can minimise the “hate” by better running your ads. What do I mean?

If you target your ads to the right audience, those who will be most interested in your ad – in what you have to say and offer – then the hate is reduced significantly.

To say that people hate seeing FB Ads full stop is just not true.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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