Don't Do This With Facebook Ads

Author: ImpactfulMarketing
Date: June 8, 2023


Yes you!

I know you are probably doing this with your Facebook Ads.

Everyone has been guilty of it at some point.

You give it a go and think what's the worst that could happen?

Well the worst being…

  • You waste hundreds or thousands on ad spend
  • You collect no data (emails or phone numbers) meaning you can’t follow up
  • You get no sales therefore lose money on the whole campaign

So, STOP running ads to a direct sale.

And instead, use a strategy that all our 6-9 figure clients use with their ad campaigns.

Watch the video below where I share this strategy:

Stop your ad campaigns to a direct sale and start implementing this new strategy so…

  • You will no longer waste money on ads 
  • You will collect valuable data (emails or phone numbers) so you can follow and warm up your leads
  • You will get sales and start seeing profit from your ad campaigns



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