The 1 Thing Most People Do Wrong On Facebook Ads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: July 18, 2022

Facebook Ads, got to love them! I spend 365 days a year running FB Ads for our clients businesses as well as our own. Why? Because I believe they are the best way of capturing large number of high-quality leads, cost-effectively.

BUT, it’s not easy. Which is why our clients pay us not insignificant amounts of money to get us to run their ads and utilise our 5 years of experience running them.

Over those 5 years we’ve learned so much about getting the most out of FB Ads – the things that must be done. We’ve also learned, just as importantly, everything you shouldn’t be doing.

And of all of the mistakes people are making on FB Ads, there’s one that stands out the most. Not only is this one mistake done by so many people, it’s also the most critical thing standing in the way of getting the results they want (and deserve) from ads.

This one mistake is the difference between burning money running ads for little results, to running ads and getting lots of results for less cost. So as you can imagine, it’s HUGE.

So today I want to get to the bottom of this mistake and share it with the world, so that more people and businesses running FB Ads can STOP making it and START getting better results for lowest costs from their ads.

Let’s dive in!

At it’s most basic form, FB Ads have two halves.

The first half is the creation of the ads.

Configuring the audiences and ad sets.

Writing the copy.

Creating the images & video.

Creating the strategy and funnel behind the ads.

And this is all fine, completely required in order to get the best out of FB Ads.

BUT where people and businesses go wrong so often with ads, is doing too much of this – and not enough of the second half.

The second, neglected, half of FB Ads is the day-to-day management.

This is where the ads that have been created are managed in order to optimise and maximise the results, whilst minimising the costs.

But instead of managing the ads frequent (or at all), advertisers focus on creating the ads and then start them running and expect results.

Then days/weeks later, they complain that FB Ads don’t work for them.

They’ve spent a lot of money getting few results for a lot of cost.

But this isn’t because FB Ads don’t and no longer work.

It’s down to their lack of management.

But here’s the thing…

I completely get why people neglect this area.


Because FB themselves tell you to.

FB are constantly telling advertisers to leave their ads in the hands of their algorithms and AI, which will learn and optimise your ads over time.

And sure, in some cases this method works fine.

BUT in most cases not relying on this and instead managing the ads yourself not only generates better results, it generates them much faster and much more cost-effectively.

This is the approach we take with all of our clients ads – because we know it gets them the best results. And that’s what our clients pay us for – and quite frankly, it’s what they deserve!

The importance of managing FB Ads and not relying on FB’s all powerful mighty artificial intelligence, really cannot be overstated.

Advertisers who do a poor job of the ad creation… maybe they don’t have much time or are not good at writing copy.

If they manage their ads better, they will get better results than those who create amazing ads and don’t manage them well.

It really is that black and white.

Don’t neglect the management of your ads! Please don’t.

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