3 Techniques To Get Your Facebook Ads Noticed More

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: December 30, 2019

Hey — today I’m covering 3 ways to get your Facebook Ads noticed more. You could have well written Ads, that link to awesome landing pages that offer life changing services/products. BUT, all of that doesn’t matter, if people don’t notice your Ad.

With the average person being advertised to 3,000 times A DAY, you have to really work hard to get your target audiences attention for a second.

The more people that notice your Ad…

…the more people will read your Ad…

…the more people will click your Ad…

…the more people will submit their details & buy

In future posts i’ll be covering how to increase reads and clicks, today today let’s focus on getting your Ads noticed. There are 3 ways to really do this:


Images are the number one reason why people stop scrolling their Facebook Newsfeed, and take notice at your Ad. If you have Facebook yourself, you’ve probably scrolled your Newsfeed many times. You scroll down, spend less than a second noticing the next post, and either keep scrolling or read more as you’re interested.

If you can find out what Images appeal best to your target audience, by testing many different types, then you can put more money into Ads with those Images.

Images come in different shapes and sizes, but usually fall into one of these categories:

-Stock photos

-Product photos

-Photos of people


-Real life photos

And a combination of them all!

Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails work just like images, and you can only have one of the two on an Ad. If you’re running videos on your Ads, you need to have a thumbnail that represents that video before somebody decides to click and watch it.

Again, test different thumbnails to see which works best for your target audience. The only real difference to these compared to images is your thumbnail needs to represent your video. A good way to this is having a thumbnail that is a screenshot of the actual video — this is good especially if the video is one of more people talking to the camera.

Thumbnails still fall into the same categories as images, but there are also some other differences you can test:

-Different text on the images

-Different colours on the images

-Different branding

Platforms & Placements

Placements refer to where your ads appear on Facebook and other platforms outside of Facebook — yes, you have many choices!

These can make a big difference with how much your Ads get noticed. Different audiences will pay more attention to certain placements and less to others. So test, test, test!

Your options are:



-Instant Articles

-In-stream videos

-Right column

-Suggested videos






Audience Network

-Native, Banner and Interstitial

-In-stream videos

-Rewarded videos



-Sponsored messages

By default, when you’re creating a new Facebook ad your platform will automatically be Facebook feeds & right column.

But treat these default settings as just one of many combinations you can try. In addition to platforms on Facebook itself, you also have access to instagram placements because Facebook now own Instagram. You can also put adverts on the Messenger app which people are able to use without having an active profile.

With so many options it might seem difficult to decide where to start. What you want to do is put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Do they spend a lot of time on Messenger as opposed from Facebook itself? Maybe they’re on Instagram? Maybe they spend time in Marketplace looking for great deals?


A Gift For You

As a thank you for reading today I want to offer you free copies of our guides.

Helping our clients fill their events and webinars, or supporting them to do so themselves, via Facebook Ads is something we do 365 days a year.

How do we do this?  

Through our done for you and done with you services that you can learn more about here.

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Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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