The Only Way To Get Great Results From Facebook Ads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: April 14, 2020

Facebook Ads — easily one of the best ways of generating cost effective, high quality leads and sales. Being able to precisely target your perfect audiences using FB Ads is absolutely amazing. If you’ve never used them before, please, PLEASE start today. You won’t regret it!

That being said, there are countless “Gurus” out there who will promise you the secret of getting amazing results from FB Ads. They’ll claim to have unlocked the perfect formula for creating the best Ad, meaning you get maximise results at minimum cost.

That sounds amazing right?

If only it was true! These Gurus may be very open with the kind of results they get for other clients, showing screenshots from campaigns with huge spends (I’m talking tens of thousands dollars+) with high results — whether it’s leads, sales, engagement, website visits etc.

The results are 100% true — they’re not faked, they’re legit.

But that doesn’t mean the “guru” has unlocked the secret of Facebook Ads. And let me tell you why.

There are so many variables that impact the results of FB Ads. There are 9 different elements inside the Ads themselves.

But it doesn’t end there — where the traffic goes from your Ads are variables too. Your landing pages, websites — how these are laid out, how they look, and so many other parts impact overall performance.

Existing branding, reputation, testimonials etc. play a part too.

So when a Guru claims they have unlocked the code for great FB Ads, what they really mean is they got that one campaign working. What they have really unlocked is what works for;

  • That campaigns audience
  • That campaigns offer
  • That campaigns landing page

And that is great, good for them.

BUT that doesn’t mean they can do the same for ANY OTHER campaign. Because there are so many variables!

You can’t copy and paste what performs well from one campaign, and expect it to generate the same strong results for a different campaign — with different audiences, different call to actions, different brands.

There is only one true way of generating great results from your Facebook Ads — and it’s not working with these “gurus”

There is no formula for the best ads — but there is a formula for discovering what the best ads are! It’s a 3-step process I’ve developed and have proven that it works every time.

The 3-steps are: Test -> Measure -> Optimise

Test — this is where you test some ads

Measure — you then measure the results

Optimize — you then tweak your ads depending on what generates the most results

You then rinse and repeat — this is very important. Improving and optimisation your Ads never ends. This is because of two very important points:

  1. There are ALWAYS ways of improving your ads performance — even if you’re getting great results, don’t stop there
  2. People change — Ads that might perform well now, and are well perceived today, won’t necessarily in a month’s time because people change. Don’t be complacent, constantly test new ads and keep optimised.

This process works — but takes time and work to create new ads, measure and analyse the results. That being said, what you gain from high results at low cost is well worth it.

Don’t fall for “gurus” claims to know the secret to Ads — and don’t be put off by the idea of hard work and long term results. It will pay off, far more than investing in a copy and paste “solution” that is completely unsuitable to your audience, your offer, your brand.


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