5 Reasons You Need To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Events & Webinars

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: August 3, 2021

When it comes to promoting your events & webinars, the good news is you’re not short of options. There are literally hundreds of promotional platforms and tools you can use to get people to sign up.

But the bad news is, not all of these platforms and options are worth doing.

Over the last 5 years I’ve tested hundreds of different promotion methods to discover which ones do best, and which do worst. That way I could focus my time, energy and clients money, on the best methods – maximising signups and minimising cost. Win-Win!

After doing all this work I’d say there was about 25 or so methods that do best. The other 100s? Don’t even bother with them. Save your time and your money.

Of these 25 top methods, there is one that stands out by far for me; Facebook Ads.

I’ve been able to use Facebook Ads to fill clients events and webinars again, and again (and again!).

And you can too. So to help you realise the potential Facebook Ads offers you, here’s 5 reasons you need to use Facebook Ads to promote your events & webinars.

Before I dive in, be sure to grab your free copy of my guide to the 25 best methods to promote your events & webinars that include all of the other great methods I can’t cover today.

Reason 1: Specific Targeting

When it comes to getting people to register for your events and webinars, you need to focus on QUALITY, and not QUANTITY. What do I mean by this?

100 high quality registrants are worth more than 1,000 low quality registrants. Why?

Because they’re more likely to turn up to your event. They’re more likely to take value and learning from your event. They’re more likely to engage with you and trust you. They’re more likely to then take next steps with you; buying your products/services, and one day becoming your raving fan.

As a result you need to target the right kinds of people who are of quality. People who you can help the most, people who you live to serve, people who you created your event or webinar for. Not just anybody.

And this my friends, is where Facebook Ads comes in. With a whole host of targeting options, you can ensure you only target the right kind of people for your events.

Reason 2: Everybody’s On It

Like it or not, most people and their grandmas are on Facebook these days. In-fact, several billion are! But if quantity is not as important as quality, why is this a good thing?

Because with such a large pool of people from, you can potentially find yourself getting BOTH quantity AND quality. Filling your events and webinars with lots of high-quality people.

And better yet, not just once or twice. Imagine being able to fill your events & webinars with high quality people, week after week, year after year.

Well, my friend, if you start promoting your events & webinars with Facebook Ads, you won’t have to imagine that for long – because it will become a reality!

(As great as Facebook Ads are, no business should rely entirely on a single marketing platform – that’s why I’ve created a guide to the 25 best methods for promoting your webinars & events and you can download your copy here)

Reason 3: It’s Ever Evolving

Any marketing platform has a life span. They all start out small, peak, and then slowly decline until they whittle out. Sure, some are like phoenix’s are rise from their own ashes occasionally – like direct mail.

But for the most part, they die out and don’t come back. It’s pretty much inevitable. Platforms that can stick around the longest are of much more use to a business than those that stay around a short time. Makes sense, right?

And Facebook Ads have a lot of life left. Why? Because it’s ever evolving.

Sure, Facebook has had it’s fair share of issues over the years. With the recent Apple IOS15 changes being the most recent. But Facebook Ads have kept going, and I can’t see them dying out any time soon – not in the next decade.

They do what many other social media platforms have failed to do (I’m thinking Myspace, Bebo, Google+), and adapt to the ever-changing needs and wants of their audience; people.

Other platforms that were born around the same time as Facebook are already dying out. Twitter, whilst it has a loyal cohort of ‘tweeters’, really has seen it’s peak.

Facebook will keep going, for a long time yet. And that makes it a reliable platform for you to use to promote your events and webinars this year, next year, and many more years to come…

Reason 4: Control

If you log into Facebook Ads Manager (or Business Manager), you’ll be faced with a metric tonne (pun intended) of data. And countless options and configuration abilities. Sure, it takes a while to get the hang of them and start to master them, but once you do you’re in CONTROL.

Gone are the days where you spend thousands on a marketing campaign not knowing what you’ve gotten back for your money. With Facebook Ads you control what you spend, when you spend it, and what you spend it on. You’re in the driving seat.

That means that, as long as you don’t let go of the steering wheel, you can’t go too far wrong. Keep an eye on the numbers, check your results often, and you won’t run the risk of wasting your money unlike many other marketing platforms and advertising options.

So let’s recap.

Facebook Ads…

Enable specific targeting… of literally billions of Facebook users… who aren’t going anywhere for years AND give you power and control of what you spend and how you spend it.

What exactly does that mean for promoting your events & webinars?

It means you can consistently scale your events and webinars!

Reason 5: Consistent Scalability

Because of all the reasons mentioned, Facebook Ads is not a flash in the pan. It’s not a one trick pony. It’s a method of promotion you can start using today, and reliably use for many more years to come to fill your events and webinars. Not just with anybody, but the best people. And you can do this whilst minimising your costs because you’re in the driving seat, you’re in control.

And that, my friends, is why you NEED to use Facebook Ads to promote your events & webinars.

Because you deserve to be able to fill your events & webinars every single time.

Your business and your employees deserve to grow and benefit from the sales, the leads, the traffic that comes from running jam-packed events & webinars.

And quite frankly, the world deserves to be able to know about your event & webinar. Because if it’s right for them, if it’s something they need right now, they damned well deserve to be able to come along. In person, or virtually. They deserve to be helped by you.

Start today and I promise you, you’ll never look back!

A Gift For You

As a thank you for reading today I want to offer you a free copy of our guide: The 9 Key Components For Running Facebook Ads To Your Webinars And Events.

Helping our clients fill their events and webinars, or supporting them to do so themselves, via Facebook Ads is something we do 365 days a year.

How do we do this?  

Through our done for you and done with you services that you can learn more about here.

Whilst you’re here, I’d like to invite you to learn how The Marketeer continually filled the UK’s market-leading portfolio builder and property educator webinars and events over the last 24 months.

Finally, I have an ever increasing catalogue of free resources to help you fill your events and webinars.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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