9 Key Components Of Facebook Ads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: December 10, 2019

Today I want to talk about the nine key components of Facebook Ads. Knowing these makes it clear what you need to focus on to optimise your Ads and get them performing higher, for less.

Before we go through each one, it’s important to note that each of the nine components fall into one of two categories:

Category 1: Getting your Ad Noticed.

Category 2: Getting your Ad Clicked.

These categories represent the two goals and purposes of having Facebook Ads, but one can’t come without the other.

Category 1: Getting your Ad Noticed, must be completed before category 2: Getting your Ad Clicked can happen.

Three of the nine key components are designed to get your Ad Noticed, so we will focus on them first. Then we can move to the remaining six who’s purpose is to get your Ad Clicked.

1. Image

Every Facebook ad contains a combination of text and visuals — one or more images. As people scroll through their newsfeed, what makes them stop and take notice to an ad is the image. So what are your options when it comes to images?

You have two options;

A single image


A carousel of multiple images

2. Video Thumbnail

Your alternative to using a single or carousel of images, is using videos. I cover the actual video itself later in this guide, but for now lets focus on the thumbnail of the video. A thumbnail is an image that shows in place of the video when people are quickly scrolling through Facebook.

As such you need a really great thumbnail in place otherwise people will never end up watching your video!

There’s a huge variety of different image types you can use as your thumbnail, and this list can be used for 1. Images too:

-Stock photos

-Product photos

-Photos of people


-Real life photos

-And a combination of them all!

3. Platforms

Platforms or placements refer to where your ads appear on Facebook — yes, you have many choices! These can make a big difference with how your ads perform. The platform types come under four headings: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

4. Advertiser

Advertiser refers to the person or page that advertises the advert. It is shown at the very top of the advert and plays an important role towards how well your ads perform.

People will often refer to the advertiser of the ad to determine whether it’s related to them and of interest. If not then they’ll keep on scrolling.

Advertiser is comprised of two parts:

-The name itself

And the image which goes a long side it

5. Text

Text is the largest part of your advert, and will do most of the work towards persuading somebody to click your advert and take the actions you want them to.

In total you have 5 different text parts :

1. Main Text Box — this is where most of the text will go, and is a compulsory section of your advert.

2. Display Link — this will replace the URL people will go to if they click with something that may look more appealing. This is not compulsory.

3. Headline — This is typically for a small amount of text, but will appear both larger and bolder, making it a great tool to summarise the main text and advert. However this is not compulsory.

4. News Feed Description — This is also typically used for a small amount of text, but doesn’t appear in every platform available. It can be used as a subheading, another heading or a brief call to action. It’s not compulsory to fill this box in.

5. Call to Action Button — This appears as a button somewhere on your advert depending on the platform. Whilst ads can be clicked anywhere and take people to your destination, to people inexperienced with Facebook and adverts in general, the button can be useful to show them the ad is clickable. The text inside of the button is however limited to specific options which I’ll cover later.

6. Video

Next we’ve got video video. Remember videos are your alternative to having a single image or a carousel of images. The beauty of video is it allows you to get across much more information than images can. It also gives you a creative way of saying what your text box is also saying.

7. Ad Sets

Ad sets are basically different combinations of audiences you can try out to see how well your ads perform. No matter how good your ad is, if you’re not showing it to the right audience, you may as well be burning money.

So what are your ad set options?


Location is where exactly in the world do you want to show your ads to. This will rely heavily on what exactly you offer.

-Custom & Lookalike Audiences

Custom audiences are a specific group of people you’re targeting. Typically the audience group must include at least 1000 active Facebook profiles for the ads to start.


Facebook has 1000s of different pieces of information on users about what they like, what they do, how they shop etc. A near endless list of useful information, all you need to do is target interests that your ideal target audience would have.


Facebook also holds other information that can be so useful for you:



-Languages spoken

8. Goal

In support of your ads and ad sets, you can also set specific goals for your facebook ad campaigns. At the time of writing, your options include:


-Brand Awareness





-App Installs

-Video Views

-Lead Generation




-Catalogue Sales

-Store Visits

9. Interaction Management

As we near the end of this guide, there’s one last thing that is important to cover; Interaction.

By interaction, we mean how people interact with your ads. Typically there are six ways people tend to interact with ads:

1. They ‘like’ the ad

2. They link a friend of theirs into the ad because they think it’s relevant to them

3. They share the ad on their profile

4. They post a question

5. They post something abusive or spammy

6. Or they just don’t interact at all!

For further detail, message me and request a free copy of my Nine Key Components Of Facebook Ads guide

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