The 4 Highest Performing Facebook Ad Types

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: December 2, 2019

Facebook Ads come in all shapes and sizes - but there are 4 in particular that perform by far the best...

Internal Call To Action

Why is it important to use this type of ad?

Call to action ads are the most common form of ads — they’re designed to make people take action.

In this case however, the actions are limited to Facebook only.

Examples of this include;

-Linking to a certain page/profile on Facebook

-Following a certain page/profile on Facebook

-Sharing a certain post on Facebook

-Commenting and engaging on the ad

Why is it important to use this type of ad?

This type of ad is perfect for:

-Building your audience on Facebook. Increasing likes and follows allows you to be able to target more people with relevant content in the future. Often you’ll want to get a strong ROI on your ad spend by promoting low value products to the audience.

-Increase awareness of your brand. The more people who get to know you, the more warm people you have to target outside of Facebook. Not to mention the potential of word of mouth and people seeing what other people like.

-Most important of all, you can get all of the above at a lower cost by optimising!

External Call To Action

What is an external call to action ad?

Similar to internal call to actions, but external call to actions focus on encouraging the taking of action outside of Facebook. Examples of this are limitless but include:

-Promoting your free services, product offerings and your brand

-Give their contact details in exchange for a freebie

-Sign up for further marketing such as emails, webinars, events

-Purchase products, sign up for free trials and payment plans

Why is it important to use this type of ad?

-Your opportunity to retarget (promote further to) them inside and outside of Facebook because you have their details is massive. This allows you to get further chances are getting a good return on your spend.

-Greater opportunity to build brand awareness when you’re not confined to the awesome but limited options available to you on Facebook.

-It helps you separate your audience between those who might not be worth the trouble, and those who are true action takers and are most interested you.

-And most importantly, It allows you to maximise your return advertising to them in the first place!

Value Ads

What is a value ad?

Value ads are commonly overlooked because;

A. Businesses don’t see the value of giving away lots free to people

Or B. They don’t have the investment.

Are either of those excuses acceptable? NOPE!

You can’t just do a single ad to people who are not aware of you and expect them to give their details, never mind spend a single dollar or penny with you. The more expensive your products/services are, the more you have to put into warming your audience up before they go forward and buy.

That’s where value ads come in:

The main uses are:

-Build brand awareness

-Warm people up and get them used to you

-Build trust

-Stand out from your competitors

Why is it important to use this type of ad?

Simply put, because it’s near impossible to be successful in business in the 21st-century without being willing to give something away for free at a cost to you, knowing you’ll get more than that cost back in the long term.

Re-targeting Ads

What are re-targeting ads?

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, re-targeting is the opportunity to promote further to people who have shown interest by taking either internal or external action in your ads.

Re-targeting and value ads go hand-in-hand in supporting the call to action ads. In this case you can:

-Get a further chance to convince somebody to take further action (perhaps they abandoned cart).

-You can further warm people up and get them to trust you further.

-Help them to take the action that they couldn’t earlier (perhaps because of technical difficulties, lack of time etc).

And thus doing so, make sure your initial investment in previous ads don’t go to waste and your return is maximised!

Why is it important to use this type of ad?

Silly question at this stage but for clarity: Because you want to maximise the return on your investment, don’t you? If you spend a dollar, you want to at least get two dollars back!

A Gift For You

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