The Five Most Common Facebook Ad Questions I Get Asked

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: August 26, 2019

I’ve been running Facebook Ads for myself and my clients for over 3 years, and over that time I’ve been asked many questions on the popular advertising platform. Today I’m going to share with the the five most common questions I get and my answers.

Q1. How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook Ads are run through Ads Manager — accessible via your main menu. Essentially there are 3 parts to the Ads:

1. Campaign. This is the broad level that contains everything that your ads will be comprised of. This is where you set your ultimate goal.

2. Ad Sets. Every campaign will have multiple Ad Sets, which are different audiences that you determine. This allows you to target different people, and test to see which audiences react better to your ads.

3. Ads. Every Ad Set in your Campaign will have multiple Ads — These are actually what your audiences will see. It is comprised of text, media (images or videos) and a call to action button.

Imagine the Campaign is a tree trunk. Ad Sets are the branches, and Ads are the leaves.

Q2. Why Do I Need Facebook Ads?

The average person is advertised to 300 times A DAY. Even if your business is part of a tiny niche with little competition, you still have to fight to stand out and even grab the attention of your target audiences for even a moment. This is where Facebook Ads come in.

-At time of writing, about 2.2 billion people have active Facebook profiles — more than any other social media ever.

-You can precisely target your perfect target audience, so you don’t waste spend on advertising to people who will never be interested in you and what you have to offer.

It’s easy to use you can have Ads running at any time. Not to mention you can easily turn them off without any problems if you’re not getting the desired results. There are no contracts or obligations.

Q3. What Different Types Of Ads Can I Run?

Skies are the limits, but here are the main 4 types of Ads you can and SHOULD run:

1. Internal call to action — Ads which convince your audience to take actions on Facebook such as liking your page, sharing the post, commenting etc.

2. External call to action — Ads which convince your audience to take actions outside of Facebook — such as visiting your webpage, signing up to your freebie, inputting their info etc

3. Value — no call to action. Ads that don’t ask anything of your audience and just gives away valuable information, tips and tricks etc. Useful for building a following who will like and respect you.

4. Re-targeting. Ads that target only people who didn’t quite finish the action you wanted them to. For example, they visited your website but didn’t submit their details. So you can go back and convince them to finish what they started.

Q4. What Can I Offer In My Ads?

More or less anything. Facebook has some regulations regarding Ad content, such as not promoting get rich quick schemes, pyramid schemes, terroist and criminal activities.

Other than that, the world is your oyster. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:

-Free eBook — capture peoples details and then upsell to paid products

-Free guides, checklists or anything else useful to people — again to capture details and upsell

-Free access to live/recorded webinars or events where they can learn lots of things for free — and again, you get their details and can upsell to them

-Chargeable but small value products — always start small and upsell.

Q5. What Facebook Ads Work The Best?

There is only one way to find out! Test different Ads, Measure how they Perform, and use that data to Optimise your next lot of Ads. There is no formula for success, but there is this 3-step process to find out. Don’t spend too much time debating what you and your team thinks will work best for Ads, and don’t look too deep into your competitors Ads. Test variations, and your audiences reactions will tell you what works best!


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