Why You Need To Run Events, Webinars & Challenges

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 16, 2022

Events… Webinars… Challenges…

You see them everywhere – hosted by experts and businesses in practically every industry and niche.

But why? Why are so many of them run, and why have businesses been running them (especially events) for years and years?

That is what I’m going to answer in todays blog.

If you don’t currently run events, webinars & challenges, this is vital reading for you.

Whether or not you like to run your business your own way and don’t like to copy others, there are many very good (amazing quite frankly) reasons why they are run… and why YOU should too.

It Just Makes Sense

Let’s start at the beginning.

In the 21st-century, it’s no longer a case that “if you build it, they will come”.

It’s not enough to simply create a business, offer services/products and get clients/customers.

Why? Because markets are so saturated, technology makes it so easy for competitors to advertise to your audiences, it’s harder to stand out and be individual.

That’s why successful businesses, businesses that grow and get sales, take a different journey.

Instead of trying to sell directly – they first focus on providing value, education, content – at no cost – to their audiences.

This makes the audiences warmer, more likely to trust and know the business and thus more likely to eventually buy.

And there is no better way to provide value en mass to your audience than events, webinars and challenges.

And in the 21st-century world of needing to educate before selling, this makes events, webinars and challenges king.

And if this isn’t reason enough to convince you to start running your own… here’s some other reasons why!

High ROI

It’s one thing to find a marketing strategy that works and delivers your clients and customers.

But different strategies present different potential return on investment (ROI).

And as a business, you want (and deserve to) find strategies that deliver the highest possible ROI.

And events, webinars and challenges do exactly this.

Not only is the strategy a proven one, through educating and then selling, but there are other parts of it that contribute to that ROI.

Firstly, your costs to run the strategy is lower than many other strategies.

Other than advertising cost, your time, logistics (if running a physical in-person event) and software, your costs are minimum.

Combine that with the fact that you can do this strategy en mass… to dozens, hundreds, literally thousands of people simultaneously… and I’m sure you can see why they bring you a great ROI.

Fast ROI

Not only do events, webinars and challenges bring a greater ROI, they do it fast too.

Many marketing strategies are longer term – the time between launching and making sales can be weeks… even months.

With this strategy, you can create, promote and run an event, webinar or challenge in a matter of days.

Even more so when you can run them evergreen – using recordings to run them time and time again.

Proven Long Term

It’s one thing to find a marketing strategy or platform that performs well in the short term.

But finding one that isn’t just a blip in the matrix – a one off miracle – is much harder.

The thing about marketing is you need to constantly evolve. People change, the world changes. What works today in your marketing might not work tomorrow.

It’s very rare to find a strategy that works and is proven long term.

Rare, but not impossible.

And events, webinars and challenges are one of these rare exceptions.

Events have been running for forever – but specifically education ones for many decades.

Webinars, over the last two decades.

Challenges, the last 5-ish years.

The strategy not only works, it will keep working because it’s been proven to. Simples.


Last but not least, the event/webinar/challenge strategy is resilient to external factors too.

This means that all of the other reasons to run them listed above is something that won’t suddenly go away due to some external impact.

Covid was a perfect example of the resilience of the strategy.

Sure, physical in-person events were shut down.

But that just lead to more virtual events via Zoom and even more webinars.

Sure, there’s no replacement for being in an event room in person… but it was just a case of altering the strategy in the short term to webinars and virtual events.

A strategy that can be resilient and immune to huge external impacts that can lead to huge economic difficulties (like Covid) makes it ideal for any business – and is reason alone to start running them yourself!

Thanks For Reading

As a thank you for reading I want to give you a free copy of my guide:

25 Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Event, Webinar or Challenge

This is an essential guide if you’re looking to start running your own events, webinars or challenges… or even if you currently run them now and are looking for effective methods to get registrations.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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