5 Reasons You Need To Start Running Challenges

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: January 24, 2022

Today let’s talk about challenges. Now yes, life is full of challenges, but the kind I want to talk about are those that your audience can sign up to attend and take part in. Sometimes referred as sprints or workshops, challenges are typically carried out over a 5 day period. Each day people turn up for 30 mins+ of content, go away to do the days homework and come back for the next day.

Challenges are very popular right now, so you’ve more than likely seen them around or even taken part in one yourself. But today I want to share why YOU need to start running challenges – as soon as physically possible.

That’s right… ASAP. Why? Because they’re so damned awesome!

Let’s dive in and see why…

Reason 1: Outcomes

People love learning, but they love being able to take action and experience an outcome fast from that learning. This is what makes challenges so great – people sign up to achieve a certain outcome, and step by step over 5 or so days they work towards that, with you holding their hand.

The faster your audience reaches that outcome, the more they’ll experience change and the more they’ll love you for helping them down that journey. And the more they love you, the more they’re likely to become your raving fans – sharing your content, referring people to you, and of course – being more open to buying anything you have to offer!

Reason 2: We all love a challenge

Let’s face it – we all quite literally love a challenge. We love facing an obstacle and overcoming it. Whether it’s in our personal lives, our business, careers, health, relationships… the list goes on.

And the very concept of the 5 day challenge is that it is a challenge. You’ll help people to overcome something they’ve struggled with before. So people love to sign up, take part and try to overcome that challenge – to try and achieve something.

So your challenge is always going to be popular – thus making them cheaper to fill them using paid ads such as Facebook Ads. And the cheaper they are, the more numbers you can get. Win-Win.

Reason 3: Proof

Because challenges are so focussed on learning, taking action on that learning and achieving an outcome, your audience knows you’re not just a talker – you actually speak the truth, you can actually help people.

So following the challenge, you’ll not be short of marketing collateral – testimonials, reviews, referrals from those who take part. Specifically on the journey you took them down, and the outcome you helped them to achieve in a short term.

This collateral is so valuable to your business. And compared to other ways of achieving it, you can get it much faster and in a good quantity. For example, it’s not like running a course and waiting 3 months for your viewers to take action on it, and then rave about how you helped them. This happens so fast!

Reason 4: Flexibility

Challenges are typically more flexible than an event or webinar. Usually your audience only needs 30+ minutes a day to take part, and 15+ minutes a day to do homework. So they need to spare less time, and the time they have to spare is spread out over a number of days.

By having this flexible format, people are more likely to sign up to your challenge. Not only that, but they’re more likely to show up – take action – reach the outcome – and love you for it. Which as I’ve already covered, is so valuable to you and your business.

Reason 5: The next steps

As I’ve already mentioned, teaching is just the first part of a challenge. Not only do people learn, but they take action and achieve an outcome. This is different to many events and webinars, where it’s all teaching – all learning. No homework, no accountability, no peer group. You’re just expected to take action on what you learnt – or don’t. It’s up to you.

This makes challenges more valuable to people attending. They get the whole package, all the way from learning to their desired outcome. If something is more valuable, it’s more popular, and you’ll get more people signing up. Not only that, but they’ll turn up because they want that outcome.

OK so those are the 5 reasons you need to start running challenges – like right now!

BUT, I wanted to make a few additional points before we finish for this week.

Point 1: If challenges are so popular, you may be thinking that now is not the right time to run your own. If anything, you’ve missed the train and should focus on the next big thing.

But I disagree. It’s definitely not too late to get your piece of the challenge pie. Why?

Because challenges can vary so much that each is absolutely unique – offering critical and individual outcomes that people want, and that people can’t get from anywhere other than you.

So even when every body and their grandma are running challenges, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Get stuck in!

Point 2: You may also be thinking; “If challenges are so good, are they killing off events/webinars?”. No, absolutely not. Events & webinars are still a great way of delivering valuable content, warming your audience up and converting them into raving fans who buy your courses and services.

The way I see it, challenges are like a hybrid of events and webinars. They’re the middle man. They have their place, but they’re still newer than events or webinars.

But events and webinars will always have a place. In order to truly be successful in your business, you need to run a combination of different challenges, events and webinars. The magic triad.

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