3 Reasons You Need To Start Hosting Your Own Webinars Or Events

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: February 7, 2022

Happy first blog of February! How is it February already though?!


You’ve seen them, been invited to them and attended some. But if you’re on the fence about running and hosting your own webinar or event, keep reading.

There’s many reasons why webinars and events are run all of the time. But it would take far too long to go into them.

So today I’m going to share the main 3 reasons you need to start hosting your own webinars or events.

These are the reasons that should be the most influential in your decision to take that leap, because they have the most impact on your business and your audiences.

Let’s dive in…

Reason 1: Warmth

Warmth? You might be thinking what I’m talking about!

So look, we all know that providing value, information, data, to our target audiences and prospects is a fantastic way of transforming them into paying clients eventually.

This is lesson 1 in how to generate clients in the information age we find ourselves in.

So linked to that, webinars and events are some of the BEST ways of providing that value, that information, that data…

Not just to one or two people. But to dozens, hundreds, even thousands at one time. Webinars and events are platforms that enable you to put a bunch of your ideal audience into a room (physically or virtually) and warm them all up en mass.

Thus, webinars and events are one of the best ways to create paying clients and customers – en mass.

If you’d ask me, that should be reason enough to get started! But here’s the other 2 reasons as promised…

Reason 2: Reach & Impact

I’m a strong believer that business isn’t just about making money. It’s about having an impact on the world. In helping people to change their lives. To expand our reach globally, so people of all shapes and sizes can benefit from what we know and what we do.

So if the amazing opportunity of generating more clients and customers is enough to convince you to start hosting your own webinars and events, consider this.

Through the very process I outlined in reason 1, not only do you make more money but you in turn have a huge impact on each and every person in your event room or webinar. Through the hours of content, value and information you share they will all walk away with actions, ideas, inspiration and motivation.

They will leave changed, whether or not they decide to sign up for your paid service/product.

Isn’t that just amazing! *high five*

Reason 3: Even More Value!

In a similar light as reason 2, reason 3 is based on the benefits for your audience. Again, if you love changing lives and having an impact on the world then you’ll love this one too.

On top of all of the amazing content you’ll provide to your audience at these webinars and events, the platforms provide additional value. Yes, even more!

Like what?

Opportunities to meet and network with like minded business people and peers. To share knowledge and work together in joint-ventures. To become friends and business partners.

And it all started, as a by product of you running a webinar or event. Isn’t that just amazing?

And you might be thinking, surely this doesn’t apply to webinars and virtual events – those hosted online and not in person?

Well actually, a lot of online platforms enable networking. Zoom, for example, allows you to randomly split your audience into smaller groups, and put them into separate chat rooms for them to mingle. Almost like speed dating!

So as you’ve probably realised by now it’s very much a WIN-WIN situation. For you and your audience. And honestly, that’s how business should be done. Mutually beneficial for all parties involved 😊

Note Worthy

Before we finish, I just wanted to address a common misconception not just about webinars or events, but of anything marketing related.

As I mentioned, webinars and events are everywhere – everybodys running them!

And as I hope I’ve outlined today, with good bloody reason honestly!

But you may be thinking, isn’t the fact everybody is running them a bad thing?

Isn’t it better to do something different from everybody else, to stand out.

And in some cases, that might be true.

But think of it like this. There’s a reason people are running them all of the time. In fact, hundreds of reasons of which I’ve only shared 3 today!

They’re good… no great… no amazing! For both host and audience.

So whilst in marketing it can be good to stand out and be the first to do something different. No doubt about it.

But in this case, I think you need to get stuck in!

Plus here’s some other food for thought…

Because everybody is running them, everybody knows how they work.

They know they’ll be educated, provided valuable information and content.

But likewise they also know they’ll be sold to. It’s part of it. 9/10 content, 1/10 selling.

So because people know this is how they work, and very much how the world works, your promotion and call to action will get a better response vs platforms and strategies that are newer.

So as I say, food for thought…

A Gift For You

As a thank you for reading today I want to offer you a free copy of our guide: 25 Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Event or Webinar.

Helping our clients fill their events and webinars, or supporting them to do so themselves, via Facebook Ads is something we do 365 days a year.

How do we do this?  

Through our done for you and done with you services that you can learn more about here.

Whilst you’re here, I’d like to invite you to learn how The Marketeer continually filled the UK’s market-leading portfolio builder and property educator webinars and events over the last 24 months.

Finally, I have an ever increasing catalogue of free resources to help you fill your events and webinars.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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