How The Marketeer Helped To Fill Ryan Pinnicks Webinars And Challenges With Previously Unheard Of Cost Per Leads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 30, 2022

Ryan Pinnick, Founder of SuperGenius, has an immense passion for helping people around the globe to find and unleash their genius in every area of their life from relationships to their career. 

At the heart of this, Ryan runs webinars, challenges and events, in person and virtually, for people of all shapes and sizes to come along for free.

Following hours of engaging, informative, and in many cases utterly life changing content, Ryan sells tickets to his more intimate in-person workshops and masterminds.


In order to continue to run successful and profitable webinars and challenges, three things were required:

  1. Large numbers of brand new registrants & attendees - 100s and 1000s
  2. Of high quality – those most engaged, most likely to turn up, take action and buy
  3. Cost-effectively – at the lowest possible cost, to maximise the return on investment


In order to deliver these requirements, a number of challenges were overcome:

  1. Ensuring the costs were kept low even when quantity of registrants increased, and the audience pool of potential registrants decreased
  2. Countering the impact of the 2021s iOS changes leading to smaller audience pools, inaccurate and unreliable tracking and higher costs
  3. Providing large registration/attendees numbers, cost-effectively, in a very competitive and saturated target markets where many advertisers are fighting for the attention of people from many walks of life


  1. Daily Facebook Ads was and continues to be the best solution to providing webinar and challenge registrations in of high quality, in large numbers, and of low cost
  2. Statistics were communicated daily with 24/7 access for support on Whatsapp and Email, as well as occasional zoom calls to plan future challenges and webinars, share ideas and give as much value as possible
  3. Landing pages were constructed and improved wherever required to counter the challenges as they presented themselves
  4. Copy and images were crafted as required
  5. A strong partnership and friendship was formed, with passion and commitment to deliver the best results and a mutual passion for helping people to find and unleash their genius – quite literally enabling them to change their own lives

“Helping people from all walks of life to find and unleash their true genius, is only possible when I’m able to get people in a room.. physically or virtually.

The true barrier to this, is the cost of doing so. The cost of advertising my webinars, challenges and events, and fighting to stand out amongst the rest.

As a result it’s always been difficult to get leads (signups for the webinars, challenges, etc.) for any less than £10 each… and in many cases for a lot more.

UNTIL, I discovered The Marketeer. The first time we worked together was for my first ever challenge. It was brand new territory, and yet thanks to The Marketeer nearly 1,500 signups were achieved from Facebook Ads alone… under £7.00 each!

This was previously unheard of… and has since led to The Marketeer filling several webinars for me at similar low cost per leads. The sheer potential that such results brings my business and my purpose is immense.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with The Marketeer who’s consistent low cost per leads will allow me to help more people than ever before. Amazing.” - Ryan Pinnick


Here’s a glimpse of the results achieved...


1,435 registrations

Cost per registration: £6.96

January 2022-Ongoing


808 registrations across multiple live webinars

Cost per registration: £7.36

February 2022-Ongoing

Want results like these?

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Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

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