5 Steps To Running Successful, Profitable And Popular Events & Webinars

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: July 27, 2021

What does it take to run successful events and webinars?

Events and webinars that bring you as the host and presenter a lot of money on the day, and long afterwards. Events and webinars where you can literally change people’s lives, make a huge impact and give tonnes of value.

Well, It’s a question I get asked often. And with good reason.

Afterall, unlocking the key to successful events and webinars doesn’t just allow you to run the odd webinar here and there, and to host the occasional event. No, it allows you to run as many of them as you want – time after time – allowing you to keep making a big impact in the lives of people, whilst making big bucks too.

I’ve seen businesses absolutely explode in success because they got this right. Sure, they had my help to do so, but still – you get my point!

Having helped businesses fill their events and webinars for over 5 years, I know what it takes to run them successfully and profitably! Over and over, time after time. They just keep coming.

And today, I want to share with you the formula that I believe works the best. Because I’ve seen it work, and I spend my time getting it to work with clients.

This formula can be split into 5 different steps that must be followed one after the other. You can’t do step 2 until you do step 1, and you shouldn’t even try. They each feed on each other.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Step 1…

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Audience

This is something you MUST do before anything else. Don’t even think up a new webinar or event to run, before thinking about and identifying your audience. If you don’t know in depth WHO your webinar or event is for, you’ll create one that your audience won’t want to attend. Or worse, you’ll attract the wrong people to them!

So how do you identify your audience?

A great way of approaching this is to think of a specific client or customer of yours, and use them as a persona. Let’s call that client Fred.

Fred has certain demographics – he’s male, he’s 55, he runs a business. What else do you know about him? What is his life like? What is his daily routine. What problems does he have that you help him to solve? What are his pain points? The things that bother him the most. Is it his relationship? His business? Work-life balance?

Put yourself in his shoes, in his head, and start to understand how he thinks and what he feels.

By asking as many questions as possible, you’ll come up with more and more. And eventually you’ll build out one of your ideal target audiences.

Notice how I say ONE there. Because it’s likely you’ll have multiple target audiences. Aim to create a few personas. Give Fred some friends!

Now you understand your ideal audience, you can move onto Step 2…

Step 2: Create an event or webinar they want

See why step 1 is so important? Without it, you can’t do step 2!

With your understanding of your audience, you can now build an event or webinar around them. The alternative, which is where people many go wrong, is they create an event or webinar without considering their audience. Naturally less people are interested, turn up, and buy.

Here you build on the WHO from step 1, and work on the WHAT and WHY.

What does your event or webinar teach your audience? What will it do for them, their lives, their businesses. What changes will it make, what impact will it have.

And WHY would your ideal audiences show up. Why would Fred take his time out for this?

There’s a lot involved in this stage. Half of the work is deciding the name of the webinar/event, what you’ll teach and what people will learn, when it will run, how it will run, etc.

The second half is creating a landing page and way for people to sign up – all ready for step 3.

Step 3: Promote It With The Best Methods

So let’s re-cap. You’ve identified your audiences (Fred and co.), and created a webinar or event perfect for them. What’s next?

Promoting your webinar or event. And it’s with this that I have some good, and some bad, news.

The good news? There’s hundreds of ways to promote your event or webinar, so you’re not short of ways to do this.

The bad news? Most of the ways will not be worth your time using it, because they won’t get you signups. This is regardless of how good your webinar or event is, by the way.

I’ve been doing this stuff for 5 years, so I’ve been there – I’ve tried 100s of different methods, and found the ones that work the best. I’ve also found the bad ones, so I know what to not bother with next time.

In total I’ve found that there are 25 (twenty-five) methods that work the best. What are these methods?

One method, the best by far in my opinion, is Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allow you to cost-effectively promote your event to the right people using their detailed targeting options. You can literally go and find all of your Freds on Facebook, and run ads just to them.

Another great method are affiliates – businesses that are either in the same industry as you, or that serve the same kind of audiences as you. The world is finite, there’s only so many people out there for you to promote to. So by teaming up with other businesses who will have lists of people, some of which could be your ideal audience, you can broaden your horizons and find more Freds!

What about the other 23?

I’ve created a guide to the 25 best ways to promote your event or webinar and you can download it here for free.

Okay, let’s take a pause for a moment and recap where we are.

We’ve identified our ideal audiences.

We’ve created an event or webinar that is just for them.

And we’ve promoted this event or webinar using the best methods.

What’s next?

Step 4: Ensuring People Show Up In Droves!

Now I know what you’re thinking.

If this event or webinar is perfect for your audience, surely everybody who registers to attend will attend?

Sadly not. Why not? Sometimes life gets in the way. Their car breaks down on the way to your event. Something more important comes up. It happens.

In fact, average attendance is around 33% - that’s 1/3!

And let me tell you, as somebody who helps clients get 100s of people to register for their events and webinars each and every week, it’s frustrating knowing a lot of them won’t turn up!

But it’s life. That said, there are things you can do to get more people to show up!

I don’t mean 100% of people, because that just won’t happen, but more than the measly 33% average.

So what are these things?

One thing is the reminder sequence. This is where you have a series of emails, texts, and even calls (from real people!) with the direct purpose of reminding people of the event/webinar, and WHY they registered to attend in the first place. Experiment with different combinations and discover what works the best for your audience.

You need to strike a balance here. Generally more contact points, more emails/texts/calls, the more likely people will show up. But do too many, and people get annoyed. This means not only will they not turn up to this webinar or event, they’ll never turn up to anything your businesses hosts ever again.

What else can you do? Many other things which I cover in my free guide 5 Effective Methods For Getting MORE People To Show Up To Your Event or Webinar and you can download your free copy here.

What’s next?

Step 5: Rerun The Event Or Webinar To A Fresh Audience

Now what do I mean by this?

Remember, successful webinars and events are those you can keep re-running to new people, over and over. Anybody can run them once or twice and get some success. But not all can keep doing this.

Like I said earlier, I’ve literally seen (and helped) businesses achieve this so much that it’s transformed their business. Imagine all of the leads, all of the sales, all of the profit, you can achieve from running the same webinar weekly to new people?

The key, and to be fair, the challenge, with this lies in finding new people. The pool of ideal target audiences is finite, and the more events or webinars you run, that pool will slowly soak up.

So what can you do? Plenty, that’s what! I have a client who runs webinars they first recorded in March 2020 (It’s July 2021 at time of writing). I’m still finding NEW people to sign up and attend them.

And one of the best ways of achieving this is my good friend Facebook Ads. As I mentioned earlier, the targeting abilities that FB Ads offer is immense. I’m always finding new people to promote my clients webinars and events to.

Will the pool eventually dry up? Probably, sure. But not for a long while, meanwhile you can keep following these 5 steps to run successful and profitable events and webinars.

Let’s Recap


Identified your ideal audience

Created an event or webinar they want

Promoted the event or webinar using the best methods

Ensure people showed up in droves

And re-ran the event or webinar to fresh audiences, time and time again

Those are the 5 steps to successful events and webinars. And is something my business The Marketeer specialises in doing for clients.

A Gift For You

As a thank you for reading today I want to offer you free copies of our guides.

Helping our clients fill their events and webinars, or supporting them to do so themselves, via Facebook Ads is something we do 365 days a year.

How do we do this?  

Through our done for you and done with you services that you can learn more about here.

Whilst you’re here, I’d like to invite you to learn how The Marketeer continually filled the UK’s market-leading portfolio builder and property educator webinars and events over the last 24 months.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

Take care,


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