25 Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Event or Webinar

Over the last 5 years we've tried and tested 100's of different ways to promote events and webinars. Some ways we still use to this day because they're AMAZING at delivering 3 key things. Others are not worth bothering with.

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You need to download this guide if you run events or webinars and you want more people to register and attend them

In an ideal world, people would be queuing at your door desperate to get into your next event or webinar. In reality, people don’t know what they don’t know. And if they don’t know about your event or webinar, they can’t possibly register and attend it!

We've seen people invest so much time and resource into creating an amazing event or webinar, but so little time and resource into promoting it. What happened? Few ever registered, and even less turned up. What a waste.

This guide is for you if you run events or webinars and you want to get more people to register and attend them. This guide is also for you if you’re considering starting your own events or webinars.
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When promoting your event or webinar, you’re looking to achieve 3 things

High quality registrants and attendees (Action takers & buyers)
In a large quantity (I’m talking hundreds or even thousands, not dozens)

Download your copy of our free guide

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