5 Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Event, Webinar Or Challenge

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: March 21, 2022

When it comes to filling your events, webinars, or challenges, you're not short of different marketing methods to use. In fact, there are hundreds!

The bad news, though, is that most of these methods are not effective. They might get you trickles of signups, but you need more than that.

Having helped experts fill their events, webinars, and challenges for over 5 years, I've tested hundreds of different marketing methods and I've found the ones that work the best.

What do I mean by working the best? I mean those that get you the MOST signups, of HIGH QUALITY, and at the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST.

Here are 5 of the best ways I've found to promote events, webinars, and challenges including my personal favourite – a method I use to get thousands of signups, of high quality, cost-effectively, for clients every month.

1. Industry Affliates

Unless you're part of a micro-niche or industry, they'll be many other players in your industry. Some may be competitors, others potential allies. Either way, consider leveraging their databases and marketing by offering them an affiliate partnership.

Partnerships can vary, but the bottom line is this: they're valuable to both parties. An example could be simply paying the affiliate to promote to their list. Another option is the affiliate promotes to their list for free, but they get 50% of all sales generated.

With a handful of regular affiliate partners on your belt, you'll soon find yourself running bigger and vastly more profitable events, webinars and challenges.

2. Text

Text messages are becoming the new email, only with a vastly superior open rate.

That said, you want to use your text messages sparingly – quality over quantity. Maybe once or twice a week, max. Nobody wants their phone going off every hour with another promotional text. You wouldn't!

Top Tip: Ensure your event, webinar, or challenge landing page is mobile optimised. You want to do this anyway (most viewers will be mobile – whether you promote to them via text or not) but this is just a reminder to make sure you do!

3. Facebook Ads

OK, welcome to my favourite method of promoting events, webinars & challenges EVER. So much so that this is the no1 method I use to help my clients fill their events, webinars & challenges. Why? Because it gives me (and them) exactly what they need: quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness: consistently!

Every method in this guide are all reliable methods that are proven to work again and again. And each I would (and do) recommend to my mentorship clients every week.

BUT the scale and consistency that Facebook Ads offer are off the chart. The potential to consistently scale and fill events and webinars over, and over, and over again, is unprecedented.

If you only choose one method in this guide to promote your events, webinars & challenges, please, PLEASE, choose Facebook Ads. Honestly, you will not regret it

4. Web Traffic

At the very least you'll get some organic traffic visiting your website each day. Hosting a page on your upcoming event, webinar or challenge on your website is a great way of picking up some more people!

Plus, if you don't already have an exit-pop-up, get one in place offering people free access to your event, webinar or challenge

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a well-known event-ticket platform, allowing people to set up, promote and receive registrants for events, webinars and challenges. 

Eventbrite has its own promotional methods, whereby visitors to the site can search for events that may be of interest to them.

By putting your event or webinar on Eventbrite, you can find yourself getting a slow organic trickle of registrants.

Top Tip: DON'T use Eventbrite as the main place to host your event, webinar, or challenge landing page. The functionality and appearance of these pages are seriously limited. Instead, use a professional landing page software – such as ClickFunnels!

So there are 5 of the best ways to promote your events, webinars, and challenges. If you're not utilising any of these methods already, you need to start ASAP.

But there are more great methods at your disposal. In total and including these 5, there are 25 great methods which I share in my guide: 25 Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Event or Webinar.

A Gift For You

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Finally, I have an ever increasing catalogue of free resources to help you fill your events and webinars.

Sell more. Inspire more. Change more lives.

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