Changing your perspective on marketing will change your results from it! I love perspective. Even the smallest of changes in it can lead to HUGE results. Sometimes things need to be viewed in a different light for us to enable the results we want.
Dan The Marketeer
May 14, 2022
Emails have grown to become a huge asset for any business. By having as many as possible (obtained ethically and legitimately) a business is able to generate long term results from them — in particular, sales.
Dan The Marketeer
May 11, 2022
Marketing. It’s a huge subject. And Digital Marketing is only one (albeit large) part of it. With so many strategies, platforms, techniques and methods out there it’s easy to get lost in the Marketing Minefield. What marketing should you do? What marketing will get you the best results?
Dan The Marketeer
May 9, 2022
Having run Facebook ads for three years for myself and my clients, there has been a lot of things I’ve learnt. Some of the lessons really hurt, in both my confidence and my pocket, but that’s like everything. There are some steep learning curves with Facebook Ads, and today I hope others overcome these learning curves.
Dan The Marketeer
May 7, 2022
When it comes to the marketing and advertising of any business, there is one mistake that I see all too often — focusing on getting new customers. The truth is, businesses that focus too much on getting new customers, miss out on a huge opportunity that could truly allow them to scale in size in a short amount of time.
Dan The Marketeer
May 4, 2022
Today I’m bringing you something different from the usual webinar, event and challenge marketing and FB Ad blogs. And instead, I want to talk you about something that is equally as important: Our values.
Dan The Marketeer
May 2, 2022
We’ve all been there — we write an amazing email, with a link inside of it which goes to a great looking landing page, which has an irresistible offer on it, and you sent it out to your database of thousands. And it flops. You get barely anybody taking you up on your offer. Where did you go wrong?
Dan The Marketeer
April 30, 2022
Which option is best for promoting your business? Events have been a popular choice for businesses looking to advertise themselves for many years. But they come in many shapes & sizes.
Dan The Marketeer
April 27, 2022
Welcome back to some more golden rules of Facebook Ads. Today I’m covering the golden rules we use to manage all of our clients Facebook Ads. When it comes to getting success from your FB Ads, it’s important to understand that this comes in two halves.
Dan The Marketeer
April 25, 2022
Of all the numerous marketing techniques and tools out there, Facebook ads are by far the most amazing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you can get them to be cost efficient, that is. To do so, here are six ways to get more clicks on your ads.
Dan The Marketeer
April 23, 2022
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