5 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: November 15, 2020

There’s an ongoing debate circulating the marketeers of the world that Email Marketing is practically dead — I disagree, and will be writing a post on why I think this next week so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, if you still carry out Email Marketing, here are 5 ways you can improve them instantly.

1. Subjects

Your first goal of Email Marketing is getting the maximum amount of opens as possible. The biggest factor that influences whether a recipient will open or not open your email is your subject.

You want to use your subject to both stand out from the other emails in your recipients inbox, and also tease what the email will be about so they open it.

How you achieve this will be different depending on your industry, target market, branding etc.

You should draft 5 different subjects for the same email and test to see which does better and go from there.

2. First Line Previews

A first line preview is basically the start of your email that a lot of recipients have access to, depending on their email software. Knowing that your recipients can see the first part of your email without opening it is an awesome opportunity.

As with subjects, you want to use it to stand out to all of the other emails, and tease them into opening to read more.

One way you could achieve this is by starting your email with a shocking fact relevant to your industry and services you provide. But again, test different first lines and see which gets you the best open rates!

3. Timing

Another great way of increasing your email open rates is determining when to send emails out. The average person receives around 40 marketing emails a day, so if you time it right yours can be one of the first they look at.

To gauge when to send your emails, think about your target audience and their life. When would they typically be on their emails? On their daily commute? On their lunch break? After they’re home from work on an evening?

As always, test some of the best times you think are best and see how they do.

4. Small or Long?

So using 1–3 you’ve now managed to get a significant increase in your open rates — so more are now opening your emails. But how do you get them to take the action you want them to from them?

As with literally anything, people have different preferences — and email length is no different. Some will prefer your emails to be short and sweet, and others will prefer long and detailed.

Think about your ideal target audience and how they prefer to be. It also depends on what call to action you have. If you’re inviting them to a free webinar, your email typically doesn’t need to be too long, because you’re not asking them for a lot.

If you’re trying to sell a high value ticket item, your email typically needs to be longer because you’ve not to argue why it’s worth the investment for them.

But yes, you guessed it — test some different lengths and see what works best!

5. Social Proof

Regardless of what your call to action is in your email, you always want to include some social proof. Some evidence that what you’re asking your recipients to do has worked for people just like them before.

One or two of these testimonials, ideally written by the clients themselves, and the kind of results they achieved, will boost your signup rate significantly.

For example, if you were re running a webinar you first did a month ago, you’d ideally want a testimonial similar to this:

I learn’t so much tonight on the webinar, I’m going to stay up all night and put what I learned into action — I can see it really changing by business — Thank you so much!!

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway — don’t make your testimonials up. If you don’t get many, you need to adapt your services so you’re constantly asking for feedback. If your services are that good, you will however get some of these organically.

There you have it, 5 ways to improve your Email Marketing. There are 100s of other ways, so I’ll be doing another post like this in the very near future — so stay tuned!


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