The Best Way By Far To Grow Your Email List

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 11, 2020

Emails have grown to become a huge asset for any business. By having as many as possible (obtained ethically and legitimately) a business is able to generate long term results from them — in particular, sales.

There are two schools of thought on whether emails are more valuable than focusing on a sale.

The first suggests that businesses should use Marketing to push for a sale directly — so running ads and campaigns to people who largely have never heard of you.

Sure, this will work — somewhat. But the profit margin in doing so is likely to be tiny, if not entirely none existent. That is because pushing for a sale before people are ready, or know you well enough, is likely to lead to a few sales. Yeah, some will definitely buy regardless — but only small amounts. 1% or less.

The better option which is the second school of thought and one that I avidly recommend to my clients and partners is to push for emails instead.

The goal will always be to make sales — no doubt about it. But by utilizing Marketing to gather as many emails as possible, a business will then be more likely to sell more in the short and long term.

By having emails, a business can then start to “warm people up”. They can send out valuable emails packed full of useful information and content, slowly giving more and more to contacts.

Eventually, a business can start running email campaigns and other Marketing to this list offering products. People by that point will know the buisness, and like them for giving so much to them without asking for a dollar.

That means they’ll be more likely to buy — so more sales and a higher conversion rate!

Another advantage of doing this is drop off. If you run an ad straight to a sales page, 99% or more won’t buy and thus will leave — and you have nothing to show for it. No email or information. You’ve wasted your money.

Whilst getting emails means you have something to show from your initial investment. And those emails will pay dividends in the future.

SO, that said — just how can a business generate a good email list? It’s simple really, giving.

Run a Marketing campaign such as Facebook Ads to a well determined and targeted audience, offering them something for free — a free lead magnet (checklist, guide, booklet, ebook all in digital form) tends to work the best.

In exchange, all they have to do is enter their name and email address — and they get this valuable information for nothing. I’ve run campaigns exactly like this and generated clients large email lists for as little as $1 per email.

Lead magnets are also easy to put together — if writing copy is not your strength you can outsource it. I’ve written many lead magnets for clients from industries including real state, ecommerce, personal development, healthy eating and more.

When done on mass, this strategy can also generate small numbers of sales instantly too!

Those less than 1% of people who will buy from you even though they don’t know you yet — you can still get the sale from them! After downloading the lead magnet, have a page that offers your product. Most will drop off, but that is fine — you have their email now!

This is by far the most effective way to generate an email list and thus create long term consistent sales and revenue.

And it’s not at all complicated;

  • Write a lead magnet or get it outsourced — have a designer make it look good and give it a great title that reaches out to your target audience.
  • Set up a landing page where people can get the lead magnet — have a small form on their asking for just a first name and an email.
  • Set it up so anybody who submits the form instantly downloads the lead magnet (or have it automatically get sent via email) and then take the person to a page where you sell your product.
  • Run Facebook Ads to a well chosen targeted audience, offering the free lead magnet — optimise these ads by running different tests and measuring the data, allowing you to maximise results by minimising the costs.
  • Write an email campaign to follow up those who get the lead magnet — with the goal of warming people up and eventually selling to them.
  • Rinse and repeat.

A Gift For You

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