Manage What You Measure

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: April 5, 2022

By testing every part of a method of Marketing, you’re able to identify what works and what doesn’t. But only, if you follow through with the second step: Measure.

Measuring is often over looked and underappreciated. And that is understandable really. Who really likes building up spreadsheets, manually entering data and then comparing the data to come to conclusions?

It’s appealing to few, and I must admit it doesn’t appeal to me. BUT what does appeal to me, and what should appeal to you, is the results of doing that measurement.

In act of measuring and analysing data will give you the power to know exactly what Marketing to do next and how. You can take away any opinions and feelings of what works, and listen to the data. The data is literally your audience telling you what they prefer. And isn’t that just magical?

It means Marketing is no longer a guessing game. You test different things, listen to what your audience tells you they prefer given their reactions and all you have to do is take action on that.

What to and what not to measure

The next question, is what data do you actually measure?

It depends on the type of Marketing you’re doing. Each type will have one or more actions that your audience need to take — and what you want to measure is how much of the audience takes those actions.

Let’s look at a few examples…

Firstly, Facebook Ads (our favourite way of Marketing):

Facebook Ads has two different actions you want to measure:

  1. How many people view your Ads
  2. How many people click on your Ads

Secondly, Email Marketing

Email Marketing again has two different actions to measure:

  1. How many open your Email
  2. How many click the link in your Email

But you can actually take it further.

Facebook Ads and Emails typically lead to landing pages or websites. You can then measure that data too:

  1. How many sign up to whatever you’re offering on your landing page

This can vary depending what you offer — some landing pages have an opt in or free offer, designed to capture data before trying to sell something to people.

Then they have an order page — so that is two more actions to measure.

By measuring all of that data you can then tweak everything to get maximum results — For example by improving how many open your Email in the first place, the more will click your link. It’s just a simple case of the Compound Effect, which is an amazing book if you’re not read it by Darren Hardy.

You will also focus on getting more to click your link too even if opens don’t increase. So you’re attacking it at two different angles.

I hope by now you’re realising the potential that this has to really increase your Marketing performance.

That’s all for now folks!

A Gift For You

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