Selling is an incredibly complicated process, involving human physiology, marketing, branding and more. There’s no wonder therefore that selling is also extremely difficult. It’s no longer the case that, “if you built it, they will come”.
Dan The Marketeer
August 30, 2021
Video Sales Letters or VSL’s for short, have become a critical tool to selling online. Their purpose is to sell to viewers on the spot. They’re akin to standard Sales Letters — either printed or on a landing page.
Dan The Marketeer
August 2, 2021
Change, change is everywhere (great song lyrics by the way). People change often, and so too must your business in order to keep serving them. Change is funny though. Whilst it’s constant, and happens slowly over months, even years, it can still catch businesses off guard.
Dan The Marketeer
July 5, 2021
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