19 Golden Rules Of Facebook Ads

Having ran FB Ads for clients over 5 years and spending nearly £2m in ad spend, it’s fair to say we’ve learned a lot about Facebook Ads. We’ve learned what to do to get large numbers of high-quality, cost-effective leads, prospects, customers and clients… and just as importantly – we’ve learned what NOT to do too.

So, we’ve compiled a guide covering our 19 Golden Rules Of FB Ads. Rules that we use each and every day to spend thousands of pounds on FB Ads for our clients. Rules that, if followed, will help you to get more for less out of your ads regardless of your niche, industry, audience and message.

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This guide is for you if you rely on FB Ads for your business but are worried about rising costs and decreasing results. This guide is also for you if you want to get more out of your FB Ad spend – a greater return on your ad spend.

The fact is, getting the best results out of your FB ads, at the lowest cost, isn’t easy. If anything, it’s harder than it has ever been before. BUT crucially, it’s not impossible. Far from it. In fact, with the right rulebook to follow, you can start creating and running FB Ads that will get you more out of your current ad spend.  

With 19 rules in total, this rulebook is split into 3 sections that each of the rules fall under…
Ad Creation
Ad Copy
Ad Management
I need help
12 golden rules guide

Download your copy of our free guide

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