5 Effective Methods For Getting MORE People To Show Up To Your Event or Webinar

This guide is for you if you run events or webinars, and want to get more people to attend them. This guide is also for you if you’re considering starting your own events or webinars.

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Over our 5 years of experience in helping experts fill their events and webinars, we've tried & tested dozens of different methods to increase attendance rates. Some failed miserably. Others’ worked a treat (and still do). And others worked once, but couldn’t be relied upon.

We’ve taken this experience and put together this guide with the **5 Effective Methods For Getting MORE People To Show Up To Your Event or Webinar,** so you can skip all of the trying and testing and focus on getting a higher attendance rate.
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In an ideal world, you would run an event or webinar, have (for example) 100 people register for it, and have 100 people turn up and attend.

The reality however is very different. You don’t need us to tell you that life is busy. I’m sure you’ve registered to attend an event or webinar, with every intention of doing so, only to have something come up that was more important.

And we see this happening all of the time. Getting a 100% attendance rate, or anywhere near, just doesn’t happen. Unless you have like one registrant – but who wants that?!

That being said, you don’t just have to settle for a poor attendance rate. There are many different methods that you can use to get a higher attendance rate.

Download your copy of our free guide

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