Gordon Burcham

Founder of G Force

How Impactful Marketing helps to fill G Force adults & children martial arts classes 

Gordon Burcham, Founder of Gforce Martial Arts and Martial Arts Business Xtreme, has a simple desire: To help to develop champions for life.

Through a range of different martial arts classes Gordon helps to develop thousands of children and adults every year.


In order to continue to run successful, profitable & sold-out martial arts classes three things were required:
Large numbers of brand new leads and students – 100s per school
Of high quality – those most engaged and most likely to turn up each week
Cost-effectively – at the lowest possible cost, to maximise the return on investment
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"Dan Todd and his team at Impactful Marketing provide a complete done for you Facebook Ads service for all of the
growing number of G Force schools.

Their flexibility, care and technical know-how ensures we’re never short of cost-effective high-quality
leads that we can use to fill all of our classes."
Gordon Burcham

Booking Leads

June 2022 - Ongoing
5,559 Leads
Cost per lead: £13.58

Lead Magnets

June 2022 - Ongoing
157 leads
Cost per lead: £11.41


June 2022 - Ongoing
43 registrations
Cost per registration: £11.92


In order to deliver these requirements, a number of challenges were overcome:
Ensuring the costs were kept low even when quantity of leads increased, and the audience pool of potential leadsdecreased
Countering the impact of the 2021s iOS changes leading to smaller audience pools, inaccurate and unreliable tracking and higher costs
Providing large lead numbers, cost-effectively, in a very competitive and saturated markets where many advertisers are fighting for the attention of people from many walks of life
Our guides are a great free resource to get
started with


Daily Facebook Ads was and continues to be the best solution to providing new leads and students of high quality, in large numbers, and of low cost
Statistics were communicated daily with 24/7 access for support on Whatsapp as well as occasional zoom calls to plan future projects, share ideas and give as much value as possible
Landing pages were constructed and improved wherever required to counter the challenges as they presented themselves
Copy and images were crafted as required
A strong partnership and friendship was formed, with passion and commitment to deliver the best results and a mutual passion for helping develop champions for life

There are 2 ways we can help you to create large numbers of high-quality cost-effective leads from FB Ads

Done For You
We create, run, and manage your FB Ad campaigns for a
minimum of 3-months ensuring we maximise leads, results & return whilst minimising costs
Creating you large numbers of high-quality cost-effective leads
Getting you a lot more from your FB Ad spend
And it’s completely hands free!
Lead Accelerator 
We creatse, run, and manage two FB Ad campaign allowing you to test a brand new product/service, funnel or campaign whilst minimising your investment and risk
Creating you large numbers of high-quality cost-effective leads
Getting you a lot more from your FB Ad spend
And it’s completely hands free!

Find out how we can help you fill your lists, events, webinars and challenges with thousands of high-quality cost-effective leads with FB Ads

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